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thinking of switching from conrad johnson......
Save your money and get a Decware ZMA: http://www.decware.com/newsite/MYSTERY.htmlNo pre-amp needed. Transparency for days./Ron 
Help Choosing Headphone Amp for Audeze LCD-2
Yea, was just looking at that. Will give Moon a call and schedule a listen.They also have the Bryston and Pass! 
Help Choosing Headphone Amp for Audeze LCD-2
Thanks @in_shore I will give that a look see as well! 
Looking for speaker recommendations
Ok time for the curve ball, I have a pair of Decware HR-1s.They are hybrid-radials, the WAF is within spec, and they are more forgiving on placement.Due to your listening style, and content, I feel these would be a spectacular choice.http://www.de... 
What 2 channel Amp would you Buy for $6k?
My opinion: Get a Decware Zen Triode $1300 + invest the other $4700. YMMV 
GoldenEar vs Dynaudio vs Nola vs ProAc vs Everything else.
My biased opinion is:1. Go tube and take a long look at Decware. I switched to Decware and haven’t looked back. I started with the MiniTorii and upgraded to the Torii Jr. Only reason for the upgrade was to have a bit extra headroom. $2500. However... 
Questions from a Tube Preamp newbie
NOS Tubes - Go to Brent Jessee! http://www.audiotubes.comHowever, I have been amazed with Gold Lion signal tubes, I have no reason to go back to NOS. 
Power Conditioner Advice please...
Take a look at PI Audio Group: http://www.piaudiogroup.com - Dave is AMAZING to work with. He helped be select the best solution that is well suited for my setup. He *really* knows his stuff.My UberBUSS (http://www.piaudiogroup.com/UberBUSS.html) ... 
Bass Traps
I just spend an ABSURD amount of time researching this. I landed on ASC IsoThermal TubeTraps. They have built-in diffusion (or absorption)!Extended bass absorption below 250 HzTreble diffusion (or absorption) above 250 Hzhttps://www.acousticscienc... 
Looking for a monitor with great midrange
I am very happy with my Focal CMS-40's 
Searching for the most "accurate" speaker (below 15K)
Exactly, this is al about pairing a good speaker to the room. A natural sounding speaker that is 8’ tall is going to sound incredibly bad if it over pressurizes the room.Small rooms can sound amazing but you approach needs to be different. This is... 
Searching for the most "accurate" speaker (below 15K)
@vermeer my room is 140 sq ft, or 1375 cu ft. (11 x 12.5 x 10) -- a cube is less than ideal, however, listening near-field is actually sublime. Take a look at the golden ratio on Cardas Audio: http://www.cardas.com/room_setup_near_field.phpHere is... 
Searching for the most "accurate" speaker (below 15K)
@willemj you're right about too much bass and room modes, however room treatment will be far better than DSP EQ. I prefer the least amount in the signal path as possible. 
Searching for the most "accurate" speaker (below 15K)
@2psyop Vandersteen is a very forgiving by amazing speaker. You could save some money and get the Treo, and invest the delta in room treatment. That will most likely be a better route to go.@ahendler I interpreted "accurate" as flat response. That... 
Searching for the most "accurate" speaker (below 15K)
:+1: on DeVore, good recommendation