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advent eq
Are you thinking of Bose.They were famous for EQ's used for their 901's. 
Which is the best cd player under $10k?
Try to audition Audio Note. 
Question for Marantz 22XX Receiver Owners
FM stereo only. 
Does improper alignment cause permament damage ?
The thing that does the most damage to record grooves is cartridge mistracking. When a stylus is simply incapable of following the groove modulations, it exerts contact pressures hundreds of times higher than when tracking an unmodulated groove. ... 
Top 5 Hamburgers
Sounds like a heart attack waiting. 
An indoor FM tuner better than the Terk FM+?
Try an outdoor antenna in your attic. 
Are scratch LPs part of the game ?
Not a problem for me.I try to use the best care handling them. 
B&W Speaker Boxes - Advice
There are always people advertising they don't have original boxes.Those people may want boxes. 
Adcom GFA5500 2ohm stable? & house wirinig
Back again.Please use a Hospital grade outletby a good brand name like Hubbell. It will give a better connection,resulting in less noise,and cooler running connection. 
Adcom GFA5500 2ohm stable? & house wirinig
I've re-read your question about dedicated power line to your system,with that wattage you may need more than one 20 amp line if you ever really reach 3600 watts at one time. The majority of the time will be a fraction of that.If not, two 20 amp l... 
Adcom GFA5500 2ohm stable? & house wirinig
Running a dedicated 12 gauge line from your panel sure doesn't hurt.After reading Adcom's manual,on page 6 it saysloud volumes with 3 ohms at high levels can be a problem.A subwoofer pumping out low frequencies won't sound loud,but sure can put a ...