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Do you build anything for your high fidelity system? If so, what do you make?
Back in the 80's a friend built for me a retro looking equipment cabinet using 3/4" solid oak plywood. After I moved in my home, I built two storage cabinets and record shelves (hold about 800 records) on top of them using MDF. Recently, I re-buil... 
Classical? Chinese Music
If you want some larger Chinese Classical works, try these two famous concerto. The Butterfly Lovers - Violin Concerto  YouTube The Yellow River - Piano Concerto YouTube Enjoy!  
Power Cables and Wall Sockets
I think all 15 and 20 amp outlets in a home are now required to be tamper-resistant. The Hubbell heavy use hospital grade outlet listed above (HBL8300GY) is not according to the specification. For tamper-resistant ones, look for HBL8300SGxx.  
The best way to start adding A=analog to my system
If you like Clearaudio, look into a Marantz TT-15S1. It is made by Clearaudio and comes with the Satisfy arm and the Virutoso Ebony Wood cartridge. It is similar to the Clearaudio Emotion but with a better arm and cartridge.  
Turntable - The Next Step
I would suggest looking into a MoFi Ultradeck with the MasterTracker and the MoFi Supper Heavyweight. For a cheaper record weight, the BigBen by Hudson Hi-Fi from Amazon (exact same weight and diameter only 1/8" higher, but of course different mat... 
Tiny Room (6' x 9') speaker advice
In the same time period of the original Roger LS3/5, Celestion 600 or 700 and Accoustic Energy AE1 also had great reviews.  
your first system-
I started the hi fi audio journey back in the late 70s was my brother's system with a stack of Marantz pre/power/turner 3200/140/104 (or may be 105), a Technic DD TT and a pair of AR 11 or 12 speakers. My first system, Mac MC2505 amp (maybe MC2105... 
Not manufactured any more.
Rogers LS3/5, Celeston SL600, SL700.  
question about an eBay seller
I saw those ads before from the same seller you are taking about, not just hifi gears, collector wathces too. A day later, all the ads got deleted. 
Budget 15' interconnect recommendation
@goef3 I only have 1 egress window and I am placing the amp just behind the speaker so at least two feet from the window. Besides, the table is not only for the amps, also cdp, turntable, phono amp, dac, HT receiver, blue ray player etc... I did t... 
Budget 15' interconnect recommendation
@geof3 The new room has a egress window behind the speakers so I can't put the amp table there. So I am putting the amp on a floor rack between the speakers and everything else on a side wall next to my listening chair.@ghdprentice Thanks, I will ... 
Budget 15' interconnect recommendation
How is the Mogami 2549 sound to you and how long did you make it to be? 
Budget 15' interconnect recommendation
I believe all four cables I listed are shielded cables. If I am wrong about this or one is better or worse than others, please let me know. 
Budget 15' interconnect recommendation
RCA on both ends 
Biggest "bang for the buck" audio gear you have owned(in your history)?
Spica TC-50.