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MC Vs MM - apologize for the stupid question
Anothe problems with MC's is that they need to be demagnetized regularly to maintain their performance. The Demmag device cost about 2-3 hundred dollars. 
Why vinyl?
Why vinyl? Why not. Like Lugnut I have albums that are 30 years old (ones that I bought new; I have other albums that are older which I bought used) which still sound great today, because I took care of them. I don't wash my records everytime I li... 
MMF-7 or MMF-5 Music Hall consideration?
Yes, the 7 is that much better than the 5. Just look at the construction. The better isolation, the better tonearm and the better cartridge more than make up the difference in price and they are available for less than list all over the place 
What companies have gone above and beyond?
Thiel was good to me also. They replaced 2 midgrange speakers with no charge and no questions. I have also had good luck with Audio Advisor. 
Reaching the end of a music collection
Don't worry. I think this happens to most people. Music we listen when we are younger tends to relate to certain significant times and occurrences in our lives and therefore hold more meaning than newer music. I have bought hundreds of records in ... 
Where to buy LP
I can second the Princeton Record Exchange. The prices and quality are very good. Only a couple hours drive from NY. When I lived in and near New York, I never found a record shop in the city I liked. There are also a number of Web sites which off... 
Anyone recommend the best small speakers for cheap
I would second the Axioms. I recently bought the M22's and they are really much more than a surround speaker and could serve as the main pair of speakers if matched with a sub. That's what I'm using them for and I replaced a pair of $2300 speakers... 
Suggestions for my first turntable?
I use Mullard 12AX7's in my phono stage and while they are good, I think the Sovtek 12AX7LPS tubes are a real bargain. That's what I was using before the Mullard's and they are not far off the Mullards. 
Converting to Analog
The Acoustic Signature Final Tool recieved a rave review on the Stereo Times site. It is about $2000 at the Jerry Raskin's Needle doctor. Combine it with an Origin modified Rega or Silver tonearm and the total is less than $3000. Add a good cartri... 
Just got my new Teres turntable today.
Is there a web site for the Teres? 
Cleaning Vinyl
I have a Nitty Gritty 1.5 FI record cleaner, which I got as a second at Upscale Audio. I don't really see how the VPI could be any better and it is more expensive. The VPI has the Cork mat in contact with the side not being cleaned, while the only... 
cartidge recommendations needed
Clearaudio makes some excellent MM cartridges. I use the Aurum Beta S which lists for $450. I believe there is one MM cartridge above this for about $750. The Beta S is an excellent cartridge and may fit the bill and save you a few bucks. I was us...