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What you drink while listening sessions?
I'm from Kentucky, so bourbon is the obvious choice here. I like boutique small batch stuff, but Woodford Reserve is a fantastic standby.On Scotch days, Balvenie Doublewood or Glenfiddich 15. 
Cincinnati, OH, any audiophiles?
Thanks, Scott!That's the kind of posting I like to see on here. 
goertz cables
Well, since you're the one who just got a pair of them, I guess we would like to hear YOUR opinion. :)Dusty 
Can Frequency Sweeps Damage Speakers?
The Ayre CD is from 5hz to 20khz. Is there a safe way to use this to calibrate my speakers? I'm currently using Thiel 2.2's, but will probably be using some Totems soon. 
Cincinnati, OH, any audiophiles?
Just a heads up, I'm going to be posting my Thiel 2.2 speakers on here pretty soon, and I wanted any Cincinnati audiophiles to get first crack at them. You can see them in my virtual system, and I was planning on posting them for $700. And since y... 
Opinions on newest NHT Absolute Zero
Actually, I can't speak to any experience with these speakers. As soon as I bought them, I included them in a trade for the Thiels that are in my system as of this posting. Best audio decision I ever made.- Dusty 
McIntosh 2100
I loved my McIntosh MC-2100. I had mine for about 2 years, and I found it to be a fantastic vintage amp that has a nice tube-like sound without being round or lumpy. It still has the control of a solid state amp, but it's not as etched sounding as... 
Long time music lover looking for new music.
Bongofury - Great job. That's a solid list. 
Long time music lover looking for new music.
They're not really under the radar, but if you haven't listened to Nickel Creek, they are some good mainstream "newgrass." Abigail Washburn does some very cool stuff combining traditional mandarin speaking with american folk music. And if you're l... 
Long time music lover looking for new music.
I missed a few easy picks based on your preferences:Fionn ReganSufjan StevensSpoonKeren AnnRaconteurs 
Long time music lover looking for new music.
Fantastic list. I can tell I have almost the same taste in music as you, since you named some of my favorites in there. Here is some stuff I that I'm sure you either have, or you are going to really like:Caroline Herring - Golden Apples of the Sun... 
rodrigo Y gabriela 11:11
No joke, this is some of the most impressive guitar work out there. I saw them live at Lollapalooza too. The amount of percussion they get from beating their guitars and stomping their feet is incredible. Hard to believe this much sound can come f... 
rodrigo Y gabriela 11:11
Iramirez - http://atorecords.shop.musictoday.com/Product.aspx?cp=126&pc=ATLP10Have fun. :)-Dusty 
Indie fans- 'The Temper Trap'
This is an awesome band. Lots of U2 and Coldplay influences in there, and I wouldn't call their work groundbreaking by any means. But they are a hell of a lot of fun to listen to, and their music is produced well. 
Pandora and Apple TV
I do something similar with a dedicated computer that I put together as a home theater PC (HTPC) running XBMC. There is an iPhone app to control XBMC within your home network, and it has a complete user interface so I can browse my entire library ...