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Technics SL-1200 goes out of production
Jonathan, in light of recent similar rumors that proved false, I read your post with skepticism until I saw it was from you. But the announcement does not say that the entire series has been discontinued. It says only the SL-1200 Mk6 has. It doesn... 
Best CD Player HDCD under $1000US
Bar81, Did you mean to type "CD23" rather than "CD32"? That's the one with the Ring DAC.-Bob 
VPI Classic Cartridge Help
VPI also offers Grado woodie carts specially constructed for them. Harry W. of VPI knows what works well on his tables. Also, I recently heard a Soundsmith Aida on a Classic, and it was quite beautiful.-Bob 
Help me make the best arm-cartridge matches
Thuchan, a good response is a good response, even if it is four years after the original question was asked!-Bob 
"They are here" vs. "You are there"
To me, "you are there" is the whole point. I love live classical music, and my entire aim is to come as close as possible to that at home. The single most important addition to my system in helping me achieve this was my JVC XP-A1010 Digital Acous... 
noob TT setup question
You might just want to check (if you haven't) to see whether your cartridge is "bottoming out" by means of a collapsed suspension. I sure hope it's not, but it's worth a check.-Bob 
Looking for warm sounding speakers
The Triangle recommendation is interesting. I've never heard any, but somehow I'd gotten the impression they were more on the light-and-bright side. Thanks.-Bob 
mostly Audio Research now i need digital help? ? ?
Just a reminder that proper use of upper-case letters is a mark of courtesy to your readers. Though it involves a bit more work, it makes for much easier reading.-Bob 
I haven't heard of it being in distribution yet. My local dealer says it's several weeks away from hitting the stores.-Bob 
Vienna Acoustics sounded terrible at Magnolia
A while back on another forum (I think) a Sumiko rep said that the entire Mozart design assumes the cabinet cavity will be filled with sand/lead/etc. The message: unless you listen to the Mozart with the cavity filled, you're not listening to the ... 
The CD player is dead.......
" I wasn't out to bash anyone. I WAS SIMPLY ASKING SOMEONE TO EXPLAIN THE BENEFITS OF A CDP"That's not how I read your original post, which contained the following disparaging remark:"People still embracing cd players are the "comb over" equivalen... 
Cleaning speaker cabinet? NHT 2.5i
You guys are making feel guilty. I just use Windex and a paper towel on my NHTs. Been doing it for years. They look great, with no swirl marks.-Bob 
The CD player is dead.......
It's kind of difficult to sling arrows at the old guard when your quiver contains only platitudes.-Bob 
Why mono?
"Bob, I'm using an Audio by Van Alstine OmegaStar PAT-5."Very cool, JR. I was thinking it might be a KAB Souvenir or something. It sure is rare to find anything with that kind of flexibility any more. Thanks for the info!-Bob 
Why mono?
"my preamp allows me to send either the left or right channel to both speakers"JR, what preamp are you using? Thanks!-Bob