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Has anyone used cones on there Dunlavys'
havent tried cones but made a base with 3 sheets of sheet rock 1 sheet of 1/2 inch ply. then 3 sheets sheet rock. sounds great better bass and focus.also just replaced the croosover component. they use cheap sand resistors and replaced with ohmite... 
What CD is your System Reference
I agree the dire straits hdcd is awsome for rock. for jazz try christy barons steppin 24/96. the sound stage is there you are there,the best on my set up. patrica barber cafe blue on the gold recording also. i like sade as well but the sound is no... 
Who is Most Beautiful female singer ever
All the above mentioned are babes. It makes this hobby so much more enjoyable having to look at these women sing and wonder? Of course all look different in the morning. 
Dunlavy Cantatas What Power Amp?
dunlavys sound great on pass amps. try synergistic des.ref cables.let me know 
Power cords for Aleph amps
i agree,top gun hc work,s great with my pass x 350. but have to admit its the only one ive tried so far. also have the top gun on my wadia 861. everything sounds great. good luck on the alephs. 
ARC VT 100: MkII vs. MkIII?
iam researching both products, choice is tuff considering i live on the island of guam. and shipping is so rediculous. my system is wadia 861 via synergistic des. ref active sheildig. to pass x 350 via synergistic des. ref speaker cable to dunlavy... 
Upgrade Time Again.... please help
look at the pass x series. beats levinsons hands down. the lams our great. 
What to listen to. BAT, ARC, VTL
which is best for wadia 861 and pass x350. preamp iam thinking bat 50se 0r sonic frontier line 3. all connected with syn.des.ref active and speaker. well cables match up with either pre. 
Wadia Upgrades
i have had steve do a mod on arc.sp 8 and was amazed 10 yrs. ago. I well be sending steve my 861 for the full ref. upgrade at 2000.00 and iam confident of his ability and professionalism. No one should ever give steve a bad rap. great work steve a...