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synergistic cables?
OH, i keep frogetting to mention synergistic makes a great jumper cable. 
synergistic cables?
Yes lwin iam using the new upgraded active sheilding box, with the designers ref. power cable.I also dont recall a stereophile review of these cables and speaker.I tried swaping my top gun hic power cord from my pass x350 with the synergisitc ref.... 
Blown Fuse
Iam sure you checked the owners manual to make sure that the fuse that keeps blowing is the same?If so call Jolida Monday morning.I feel for you,good luckNO TUNES TILL MONDAY\\\\THAT HURTS 
Top Ten Interconnects of all time...
Drivers for older ProAc s
www.northcreekmusic.com has drivers and croosx components. goerge is very up on these things. 
California electrical shortage audio
Hi gentelmen, i live on the island of GUAM. We get power knocked off frequently,along with electical storms. I have my cd plugged into a audioprism foundation 3 and my pass x350 direct.I have not had any problems.I leave everything on or running m... 
Transparent Cables - Worth the money?
No Money SYNERGISTIC offers upgrade path on ther line of cables.I havent tried the above cables, obviously i use synergistic cables and iam very happy. 
Cable Costs Relative to System
I run synergistic designer ref. on my components and iam very happy with the whole package.I have tried diff. cables over the years audioquest.kimber xlo and even lat.I think now i have found the best for me.Yes i think the cable issue is to expen... 
Mobile Fidelity Recording
Iam not impressed with mobile that much. HDCD and 24/96 I find much better, not so dirty sounding you know,like they place a blanket over the mike.My 2cents worth. 
New Visitor Confused Over Upgrade
I also ran into a guy,beleives crown and jbl our the best because (ALL) recording studios use them,when i mentioned BOB LUDWIG at GATEWAY STUDIOS he ignored the comment.Then proccedded to tell me he,s been in the business for 30yr,s. and there the... 
The best speaker you ever heard?
I was in HONG KONG. heard a pair of {uno 2.0s) driven by a pair of cary 805s thought it was great till the guy hooked up those small (laugh) 5 watt Audio Notes. unreall 
Best female vocals on CD
Kate Schrock;Dames Rocket. Has been rockin my world lately.It was mastered by gateway studios and sounds has good has any 24/96 i have heard.Has always great thread 
How did U get into this expensive hobby?
My grandfather was a nut, back in 1960 he bought a fisher tube amp and pre?i think on the pre,anyways i rememmber growing up listening to the music being played all the time and he thought it was swo great| awhile probaly 25 yrs. my father told me... 
Homemade High End and Unsung Heroes
I have a small problem with dunlavys. One the speakers use cheap sand resistors. Come on john spend a few dollars and get good resistors, that alone would cure the stuffiness that ja talks about. 
Do the Audio gods shine upon you?
I love the audio gods. Late nights and early mornings when thier awake; the music brings me to tears, all my freinds think iam crazy and hearing things. In this world of audio gods ,why cant they make others here the same ? When one is asked how m...