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What type of breakers are best for audio
Bob thanks for that. I just redid my wiring with the fuses and there is a big improvement in the whole system.THE BEST TWEAK AN AUDIOPHILE CAN MAKE FOR THE MONEY.Use 8g.braided wire with isolated grounds and changed the outlet with pass seymore ho... 
What type of breakers are best for audio
what does ceramic fuses look like.ive been doing some work and the fuses ive seen do not mention what material is used.The ones i have our brass ends with grayish material between the ends, is this what? 
Latest comments on PS Audio PP?
KRE111.please let us know on how the P.P and Your krell 300s sounds.Iam curios to know if you well have ant loss in dynamics ,or prefer the sound without.thanks steve 
Speaker Fetish
Attention Scientists, Engineers and Na-s
Nice thread J.d.Makes you think, I wish i was smart enough to figure it all out. 
Shun Monk and speaker,s ?
Thank,s for the correction.Shun Mook it is. 
Best and Worst customer service?
J.D. You said it. Experiences our different, that doesent mean that my opinon stinks. What stinks is the way dunlavy handeled a customer service problem. 
Speaker Fetish
GREAT THREAD AVGUY. yOU CRACK ME UP/good on ya.But if iam the only single guy with a big house Iam in deep s$%78. 
Wadia 850 Digital Volume Setting?
Ms. there are quite a few threads regarding this subgect. Yes ther are different settings. 
Wadia with or without a preamp ?
I have the Wadia 861 Direct to my Pass x350. With nunlavys 4 a,s. Sometimes the sound amazes me, Yes at above 70 is when it sounds it,s best .I agree at lower levels it lost some transparency.I aqm running SG designers ref. active sheilding balanc... 
Argent Roomlens,s ?
Ronc my email is steven_kh@netpci.com phone is 1-671-477-8325. my adress is 278s marine dr, s.102 tamuning guam 96911thanks steve 
State of the Art? I don t care anymore.
IT GOT SO BAD ,the first system i put togeather 12yr,s ago that i just sold everything.I was not focused on the music anymore.Now when i put this last system togeather 8 mon, ago it,s not has bad,i geuss because it was so long between system,s and... 
How would you rate your listening room?
Given some of the above mentioned threads. Iam afraid to say.My house here on guam is a concrete bunker.The listening room is 13ft x39ft with 10ft. ceilings.On the back wall i took 1 in thick carpet pad made of wool. then hung carpet over the pad.... 
Argent Roomlens,s ?
Ronc, what is the configuration of your room,did you buy in stages, say three at a time.Did the material of your wall,s have anything to do with your findings.what other if any products do you use in conguction with. And finall placement of roomle... 
Avantgarde Duos -speaker cables
Iam very enviuous of you guy,s with the uno,s and duos. I heard the uno,s with the cary 805, it sounded awsome till the guy hooked up thos little 5 watt (the name eludes me right now, but were like 45,000) then, it floored me.Didn,t mean to intrud...