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Tube Vs. SS Preamps
You are asking the wrong question.  What tubes offer that SS cannot compete with is space.  You hear a soundstage where vocals and instruments have their own space.   Except this just isn’t the case when concerning reference quality SS compone... 
Tube Vs. SS Preamps
After living with super low distortion SS products from Exposure, Benchmark, and Bel Canto, I actually find that tube gear leads to earlier onset of fatigue, even when the tube gear is of relatively low distortion.    
Preamp recommendations for my system please
Try the Benchmark LA4 if absolute transparency is one of your goals. Prior to owning a Benchmark stack, I was of the belief that distortion and noise performance is not so critical. Turns out that notion is very wrong. I figure the reason that som... 
Replacement for current speakers suggestions
Magnepan .7s. One of the most musical and non-fatiguing speakers on the planet.   
What comes after Harbeth 30.1s?
If Rosso are that much better than these brands, let the free market speak for itself :)The free market often doesn’t work that way, unfortunately. If it always did, Bose wouldn’t sell nearly as many speakers and headphones as they do. The issue i... 
How To Do You Measure the Quality of Your AC Power?
 I wonder if my amplifier would sound better without those SMPS’s on the same circuit. I also wonder if they interfere with each other.Not if your amplifier is competently designed.Save your money. Power regenerators do absolutely nothing for soun... 
How To Do You Measure the Quality of Your AC Power?
Most audio components are completely immuned to dirty mains power. There are some exceptions (some Rogue Audio stuff for example), but otherwise, the most common problem is humming/buzzing toroidal transformers from DC offset. This is something yo... 
Quantum Science Audio Thread
Hey there Q Anonaudiophiles. What about the effect of 5G on your system? I wonder which SR fuse tackles that problem…  
Grounding boxes which ones have YOU tried? And results?
Grounding boxes are dumb AF. 
Had Three Different Speaker Thoughts; Now A Fourth
Regarding Maggies, consider the .7s instead. They’re better balanced, more efficient, and more dynamic than the 1.7. Despite being 2-ways, the .7s give up nothing in midrange quality compared to the 3-way 1.7s. The only real advantage of the latte... 
What’s a mistake you made by being impulsive?
I bought into the hype of a particular factory-direct brand (probably the same one to which @2psyop was referring). Though my mistake was a pair of speakers. They looked great in theory — top shelf Scanspeak drivers and crossovers populated with b... 
"not about the $, its about what does it take to engineer a machine that becomes invisible
I own a couple components that I feel are truly transparent and “get out if the way.” Bench measurements of these pieces confirm as much. However, I don’t believe it’s a sound everyone will like, nor should everyone aspire to. I completely underst... 
What's the best plating material for interconnects plugs ?
Definitely not Rhodium as it’s a far inferior conductor to the others. Silver is best since oxidation doesn’t inhibit its conductivity for all practical purposes. 
Biggest audio hoaxes
Just check out the website of Synergistic Research for some good comedy. 
Your tube preamp and ss amp thread
I run an Allnic L1500 into a Benchmark AHB2. What stands out most with this combo is the incredible dynamics. I have no desire to revert to a full-tube amp in my main system.