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~$15K floorstanders: opinions sought
I have Proac D48R and love them.......$11000 
Speaker Suggestion for Audio Research VSi75
I have VSi75 with Proac D48R 
Proac D30RS vs. Spendor Classic 1/2 (or maybe Harbeth SHL5+)?
My room is 23x15 and my D48Rs sound great.¬† 
Differences in Audioquest Storm series (Thunder, Tornado, Hurricane)
In my experience put your best power cord wall to conditioner.. 
What is the Best LP Cover Art for you Wall
YES- Relayer 
Road trip to demo $10,000 speakers
Proac D48R 
Best used integrated for under $5000
Audio Research VSi75 on the used market. I use it with my Proac D48R 
New Speakers up to $15k - The more I read the less I know!
Proac D48R Read the Tone Audio review 
speakers with balls
I have the Proac D48R and listen to a lot of classic rock. They are outstanding......very versatile speaker. 
PrimaLuna Dialogue Premium
If needed where can you have PL serviced? 
Proac D48R
I use the Audio Research VSi75 integrated. with Audience SX cables with my D48Rs. Sounds quite good, very musical 
Proac D48R
ctsooner What Proacs did you own? 
Obscure brands worth considering
Eficion F300s 
Speaker Recommendations for Audio-Research VT80
My Proac D48Rs love Audio Research tubes. I have the VSi75 right now and see the 150se in my future 
Oppo Vs Esoteric
I'm auditioning an Oppo 205 upgraded by Exemplar Audio in my system right now and I'm really impressed......Although I have not heard Esoteric¬†