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Acoustic Zen Adagio & Red Dragon Audio
We're showing at the VTV EXPO on May 6th and May 7th. We are going to be showing again with the Acoustic Zen "Adagio" speakers, the Modwright Denon 3910 CDP and the 9.0SE preamp. For those that didn't get to hear us at T.H.E. Show, this will be yo... 
Acoustic Zen Adagio & Red Dragon Audio
We'll likely display this setup at this years Rocky Mountain AudioFest as well. I enjoyed our time at T.H.E. Show greatly and met many fine folks while there. We may also get out to the AK Show in Southfield, MI but we're not sure if that's going ... 
My CES/T.H.E. Show impressions
Thanks Glassic for the kinds words about our room at T.H.E. Show.Here is a link to some pictures of the Red Dragon Audio & Acoustic Zen room:http://www.audiocircle.com/circles/viewtopic.php?p=218453&highlight=#218453 
I am openning a shop. What equipment should I sell
Here are some quick thoughts I had after opening my business:Don't expect to get it right the first time. But keep trying and don't give in. Persistance pays.This is a new experience with an expensive and steep learning curve to it. Be flexible to... 
Best moderately priced tube amp stands?
Help me with a major amp upgrade...
hi Raanan,You are welcome to try out the sa1000 in your home for 14 days. www.reddragonaudio.comBest part is that its only $1799 but will compete with amps in the $5k category quite easily (and will even put some to shame). of course I am a bit bi... 
Son of Ampzilla 2000 or McCormack DNA225 amp?
I know this isn't what you were looking for, but you might also consider the sa1000 from Red Dragon Audio. It's my company so this is a bit of a shameless plug but I sincerely believe you would do well to consider the sa1000.www.reddragonaudio.com 
Which SS amps sound like a tube amp?
I can't say it sounds like a tube amp but is a very natural and vivid amplifier. At $1799 for a 1000watt ICEpower amp, it's a very good value. Of course I am biased as it's my company... ;^)Cheers! 
Power for Thiel 7.2
may I suggest the sa1000 from www.RedDragonAudio.com 
Amplifier suggestions
Check out Red Dragon Audio amplifiers.www.RedDragonAudio.com 
Suggested amp to pair w/ Aerial 7A's on a budget
www.RedDragonAudio.comThe sa1000 would be an excellent match for your 7A's. 
Do I really need a second 2Wq sub?
It's not needed for SPL reasons per se but more to help even out the bass response in the room as well as give you stereo bass. I know folks say you can't hear where bass is coming from and that is true...but the harmonic overtones they create (if... 
B&W great service or what?
I have a broken CC6 I bought off of Audiogon which I figured I could fix. the guy told me the tweeter worked fine but nothing from the woofers. So i opened it up and tested the parts in the crossover with a continuity tester and found two broken c... 
B & W CM 6's what might compliment these speakers?
http://cls.audiogon.com/cgi-bin/cls.pl?intatube&1102313376I think that would be an absolute great match for your new CM6's. 
Used integrated amp/speaker combo for $1000
Meadowlark swifts used go for about $550-$600 (yes they are floor standers but you could get the monitor versions for even less).Panasonic XR45 used for about $300.I have the XR45 and my friend brought over his Swifts for a few days and it was a g...