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For all you Vinyl lovers!
I'm with you on this, Coltran1.  My dad was an audiophile from the late '40's on, and I grew up with a state of the art (mono) system in the living room that probably sounded as good as the youtube system. I've used the pandemic downtime to revisi... 
Horn speakers , high efficiency but not “shouty”
I'm a bit surprised that nobody here has yet mentioned early James B Lansing Corner Horn speakers.  These used the earliest and biggest of their famous "potato masher" horns (with diffraction grids) for both midrange and treble.  To my ears the JB... 
Most rooms don’t need acoustical treatment.
Setting up a system in a nearly empty room, once you have studied and obtained a theoretical grasp of acoustics, is a great way to learn the science and the art.  And you don't need to spend a lot of money to experiment ..... piles of boxes, wool ... 
Thiel Owners
I'm an old-timer in this business and so "cabled-up" way back in the mid-eighties, buying used Monster M1000 (their top-line) interconnects in many lengths.  Liked them very much, although I only compared them to about four other brands.  So over ... 
Classical Top Five
I'm surprised no one favors Schubert.  So I will. 
The Lifespan of an LP?
Like 199a6 I have used Last Record Preservative and Last Power Cleaner on all new records worth keeping since Last first appeared in the late '60's or early '70's.  Cleaning a new record with Power Cleaner often removes a layer of "grunge" that ne... 
VTL's and KT88's?
I've got Gold Lion KT-88's in my ST-150 and I hear exactly what vegasears hears....superb.  Except with my Thiel 3.5's, the ST-150 even in triode mode handles the bass better than either the ST-85 or ARC D90b that I've used previously.  Not quite ... 
Favorite Platform for Linn LP12
I used a Target Wall-Mount Rack for mine, in two different homes.  Absolutely isolated the TT.  No problem with the Linn at all. 
Who else is using old cables/interconnects, and is happy?
iopscrl has it right.  Every single one of my cables over forty years has been bought used and, as a result, I've been able to afford lots of Monster's top cables spread over three complete systems for less than the price of one new set. 
Has anyone tried the new Accuphase AC-6 cartridge?
That is Counterpoint's SA 2 headamp, not AC-2.  My bad. 
Has anyone tried the new Accuphase AC-6 cartridge?
That cartridge is wildly popular as one of the "big boys" in Asia, as have been the AC-5, AC-4, AC-3, AC-2, and AC-1 before it. The only real differences have been in stylus materials and construction. They have just never had a good importer into... 
Where to find service manuals and upgrading firmware
One good place to start is at a site called "Hi Fi Engine".  In the top menu you will see headings for "Database" and "Library".  Look up the brand and equipment you are interested in, and they may have it.  I also have at times found service manu... 
Law of Diminishing Returns; where does it kick in?
Used gear, eight-to-ten years old. 
Best bourbon?
Another vote for Maker's Mark. 
Is my anti-skating too strong.
Yes, if you had anti-skate engaged that could do what you describe, and the advice to disable for all arm adjustments, and make anti-skate the last is correct.  But experiment, that is the best way to learn.  Learn how to tell when you have over- ...