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The Demise of the Hi-End Audio Store
Thanks PBNaudio, I will have to check them out at some point. 
Now That You've Ripped Your Entire Collection...
I will go ahead and make the offer to keep any and all of yours, or anyones cd's in a safe place. I will even mail them back to you if the time ever arrises that you need them back. Just saying :) 
SACD vs Regular CD's
I would agree with some that you will not best a great CD player with a cheap SACD player. I would suggest the Ayre C5xeMP as a universal source. It does both formats incredibly well. The difference on a good system is definite. 
The Demise of the Hi-End Audio Store
I personally go to hifi shops not to listen and buy equipment but to demo a system that the dealer has put together to try and impress. I figure that if i demo the most expensive and well thought out rooms it can give me a baseline to compair what... 
iPad "Remote" App for iTunes
I believe the remote app was one of the very first apps apple came out with back in 2008. Its a handy little guy. 
Cheap 2ch amp that can be controlled with iphone?
You could get an emotiva mini X amp for $219 then use a Apple airport express as your source plugging in directly to the input of the amp. Use the amps volume control on the front as a volume limiter setting it to the max volume you would want to ... 
How about a Burmester 069? 
In-the-Grove lp cleaner
Are these the same material that the sticky buddy from the infomercial is made of? 
Analog vs Digital Confusion
Well I think you will find on digitally recorded music you won't hear that great a difference. Part of what makes a record is the sample rate. If you think of a wave then play connect the Dot with 44,100 dots per sec of wave then you have a rough ... 
Should I burn these?
Are you using the supplied equalizer? Also setup is non negotiable with these speakers. I myself am not a fan of Bose but have heard the 901's many times setup properly with their external equalizer. They have pretty decent bass and don't sound aw... 
Low budget, just for fun
I vote buy her the audiophile dream system then marry her. Thus now your dream system. :) 
Upgrading Home Stereo
Emotiva has a new stereo pre the XSP-1 which is supposedly very nice. I do not currently own any emotiva products but can vouch for their great quality to price. I had to spend thousands more to get a better sound. If you are looking for a large c... 
Emotiva XPA-2 vs Yamaha M-80 vs Yamaha MX-1000
Where did you hear Emotiva was not good for 4 ohm, they are infact a very good amp for 4 ohm. I would suggest the Emotiva hands down over the alternatives you listed. 
Are you still playing CDs after, comp based syst?
I currently prefer by a large margin playing cd's or sacd's 
Oppo BDP-95 as a pure two channel audio source?
That Copland looks pretty slick, let us know how it turns out.