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Not Sure If This Is OK Here, But Here Goes
Paypal will make you pay more for services to mediate the complaint if you have problems with the sale. They were sued for not protecting sellers before ebay bought them.    
Considering the Pro-ject Box CD RS2 Transport ? You might want to read this, first.
There are new CD transports coming from Schitt and denafrips.  
Solid state amp recommendations for Maggies?
I think a Ga class d amp with 500 watts per. I would modify the crossover too. Something with an impressive damping factor. I always wonder what the Technics feedback system would be like with Maggies.  
Preamp recommendations for my system please
Denafrips has three that will fit your needs. Hades is their latest.  
The Most Cost Effective Tweak
Turntable mat. 
How much does power amplifier really matter comparing to other hi-fi components?
I had B&W 801 model 80 speakers from 1980. I used GAS Ampzilla, Ampzilla II, Hafler, Marsh 200c, Aragon 4004 II, and lastly a Denafrips Thallo 120w amp. The last amp made me regret all the years I wasted with the other amps. Spend as much mone... 
How long do good speakers last?
B&W 801 Model 80 FC lasted all these years. The ferro fluid can dry out in the tweeters of this era. 1980 until now is an impressive run. 
LSA Signature 20?
Signatures are warm sounding speakers with detailed spacious highs and tight base. They don't need a sub for music. They are versatile theater speakers. Very inefficient and I would want a 300 watt amp.I replaced B&W 1980 801s with these. My o... 
Upgrade my CD player or futile effort?
You describe the sonic downfall of digital. First, I would use your current cd player as a transport for another DAC. Then, I would try another transport and maybe an R2R DAC. No reason to make any changes if you can't hear these changes. 
The smallest tube amp
The korg device has been available in kits for a while. It is used in other devices that have never gained popularity as audiophiles. The Korg device certainly isn't expensive.