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Audio Research REF 3
Hello arc160 , the Dutch importer told me only that the 4 bypass caps will not make my REF 3 better .So I 'am very interested what will be the result in your amp.Please keep me updated when you have let them installed.Regards HansThe Netherlands 
MC phono stage without transformer?
Hello forum members ,I built in the best Jensen xformer in my ARC PH 5 as the Dynavector Te Kaitora has to little output . This combination worked out very well in my system .The cartridge sees also a balanced input .Sphinx PJ 6 ( Dutch brand ,DD ... 
BAT VK 1000
Hello forummembers , YES it is a marrige in heaven !!sweet for ladies voices , strong controlled bass with punch , just where I was looking for .Greetings Hans 
Audio Research REF 3
Hello ARCL60 , I 'm also a proud owner of the REF3 , I left the 6550C original supplied , but replaced the normal tubes by the DR version . I liked this roll out . The tubes were bought at the Tubestore , fast delivery , had no problem .Do you do ... 
How to clean the tiny holes of air bearing tonearm
Hello formmembers ,On the WEB side of Eminent technology you can download the owners manual for the ET 2 and ET2.5 . There is a maintenance section , where you can find info about cleaning . I 'm using already 10 years the ET arm on my DDSphinx PJ... 
Audio Research CD7's 6H30 tube rolling
Hello Flkin , after 2 years of use , I decided to rollout the current 6H30P-EB tubes by the DR version , I swapped all the 7 tubes . Result is that the NOS tubes sound betterin every aspect the AR is famous for . But I also have changed the clock ... 
dynavector capacitance
Output cartridge 2.8 mV , imp. 1 kOhm , MM input of thephono should be sufficient. 
phono stage placement
I , m using 1.6 M Incognito Silver Loom to a balanced imput, a modified Audio Research PH 5 . Sounds fantastic .Greetings Hans ( the Netherlands ) 
Attn Vinyl lovers - what CD Player do you use?
Mod. Audio Research CD7 , other tubes , and a specialClock ( TentLabs , Dutch brand ).Sounds very analog , butcan 't beat the Sphinx PJ 6 TT with ET 2.5 arm and TE KAITORA cartridge .Greetings from the Netherlands .Hans 
Tried aftermarket fuses sound on CD player?
Hello Sirspeedy , I also replaced these kind of fuses in my Audio Research REF 3 and CD 7 , with the results youdescribed .Cheap tweak.Hansk46 ( the Netherlands )