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Volume level of ARC Ref 5 seems very high
hello Amuseb, just contact ARC and ask if it is also possible in the REF 5 what you can do in the REF 3 to increase the output with 6db.I wonder if by changing the resistors to a higher value the output will decrease.In the REF3 we are talking abo... 
Well done Slikric , have you done it yourself ? I did replace in my two VK1000 for the TFTF V-cap as at the timethe CUTF was released half a year later .It is worth every $ you have spent .More clarity , more dynamics 
Burmester 877 MKII XLR pin polarity
Another answer to your question about connection if the pins are iverted , no problem , you can 't damage anything .You can change the connection at the speakerboxto have the proper phase , just try it to hear you notice any difference 
Burmester 877 MKII XLR pin polarity
The pinning is the following: XLR Pin1 = ground, Pin2 = neg, Pin3 = pos. This pinning is a standard pinning for Burmester units.helle Koslekt1 , this info supplied by Burmester Germany 
ARC Ref. 3 - New Tubes - Need help
Hello Elite , as seen in the schematics the two pairs are as I pointed out above.If you order a quad paired of the 6H30 the position of the tubes do not matter .If you order two pairs use the positions as mentioned.Regards Hans 
ARC Ref. 3 - New Tubes - Need help
hello Elite ,The pairs are V1 + V2 and V3 + V4Greetings from the Netherlands Hans 
KT120 in Audio Research Pre-amp?
so , no problem what I did two years ago , replaced the original 6550 tube by a NOS Tungsol black gitter , replaced in the REF 3 , and the CD7 .regards Hans ( the Netherlands ) 
Which power amplifier match audio research ref 3
Hello Raybanma , I 'm still using with my REF 3 two monoblocks BAT VK1000 , due to the fact in one unit two amps , they are used in biamp mode for my B&W 800 speakers.The inputimp. of the BAT is a perfect match for the REF3 .The sound together... 
Capacitor question
Following a thread in 2009 of David Garretson about improving the BAT 150SE , I did all the mods in my two BAT 's VK1000 , ofcourse including the Vcaps.I also had to replace all the Nichicon 10000mFd caps due to not having anymore flat top caps.Th... 
Amplification to B&W 800 Diamond
Hello Frank , I'm still using a pair of BAT VK1000 ampswith my B&W 800N , I use them in the bi amp mode .Pre amp is the ARC REF3 ( modified )For me its a marriage in heaven ! 
low bass on Audio Research LS27
Hello Hifigeek1 , well I 'm living in Europe , so sending the amp is speaking for me no option .But I can supply you the schematics , would this help ? 
who has done the ARC REF5 upgrade to SE
OK forummembers , don 't take the efford as described above,the boss of the importer in Germany has given me all the answers I was looking for .We can stop this topic 
who has done the ARC REF5 upgrade to SE
Hello forummembers ,nobody of you have given an answer to the topic , so again , who of you do have the 5SE version , and is willing to open the 1000 screws of the toplid and have a look at the transformer , the blue coloured thing just behind the... 
who has done the ARC REF5 upgrade to SE
We can stop this thread as a forummember took the time to open the upperlid of the REF5 and took a look inside to answer my simple question .I think he is the only member who has done this upgrade as no answer from other REF5 owners .Grrrr 
low bass on Audio Research LS27
hello Hifigeek1 , we are interested in your things that can be done in the LS 26 to improve the bass. Please let us know