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Audio Research Reference 3 Seeking help
To Michael , at the backside of my REF 3 is written in solder C111 0.0024mF , in the partlist of the CD7 is writtenC5,6 quantity 4 ARCpart 53240308 CAP 0.0024mF 500V INFINICAP , which is a MKP type.If you can't get the ARC parts , just buy another... 
Audio Research Reference 3 Seeking help
Hello Hifigeek1,Could you please tell us the value of this bypass cap ?Some time ago the ARC importer give me the new 6550 tube , but said to me the 4 bypass caps would not give me a better sound .In my schematics the 4 caps are of course not ment... 
Audio Research Reference 3 Seeking help
As told above , the 4 bypass caps are an official revisionby ACR NOT a modding .Michael I think the easy way is buy the 4 caps , ARC used infinicap with a voltage of 400V.Let these 4 caps installed by a technician , it is very easy , the are paral... 
Audio Research PH 7 or PH 6
If I had to make a choice I would prefer the PH 7 , it has a better powersupply and the 4 output capacitors are better quality ,but be sure the PH 7 has the powersupply update.Let us know your choise and whyregards from the Netherlands 
Why do McIntosh come with cheap plastic remotes?
You also have seen the same el-chepo remotes of Audio Researchsupplied with the REF 3 REF CD 7 
Is Benz Micro no longer in business?
Hello forum members ,Had today a telephone call with importerin the Netherlands , and he told me Benz micro is still in bussiness , but it is a very smal compagnie where every cartridge is tested before sending to the importers.That is why orders ... 
Upgraded power supply Caps?
I agee with Csontos ,I did the powersupply upgrade in my ARC REF 3 preamp which is available in the REF 5 to change it to REF 5 SE ( + some more upgrades ) Iused the Nichiconcabs , also used by ARC 
Audio Research Reference 3 voltage conversion
Hello Simsim ,looking at the schematics of my REF 3 ( 230V european version ) I noticed three xformers , one for the highvoltage 400V , one for the logicvoltage 5 V and a 12V for the display.Can 't see extra windings for another voltage , so I thi... 
modifications you have done to ARC REF 3
hello RGD ,I have done that , with good results ,as it is plug and play you have to give it a try ,the black plate is in my opinion the best and final step forward.Regards Hans 
modifications you have done to ARC REF 3
Hello forum members, yesterday i received a NOS Tungsol black plate 6550 tube , with date code 57 , replaced the smooth gey plate , and believe me , you all should do that ! 
MFY Tungsol 6550 tube old versions
Up until now NO info about the code 's , so we have to look at the tube itself and with the help of the info supplied by TUBEWORLD we can see :Black plates,1-2-3 getters 1950-1960Smooth gray plates,all without holes 1960-1963Gray plates with holes... 
MFY Tungsol 6550 tube old versions
At first thank you Jedinite24 for JimMcShane 's address ,I sent him an Email , even to tubemuseum and newsensor , just have to wait , and yes Oddlots , I 'm sure it is a smooth grey plate without holes , and looking at the foto 's and description ... 
Will my biamping dreams come true ??
Hello forummembers ,My biamp dream came true by bying the BAT VK1000 monoblocks.Mariage in heaven,BTW the loudspeakers are B&W 800N , ready for biamping!. 
modifications you have done to ARC REF 3
Hello Bifwynne , yes it is a DIY upgrade ,I have the schematics of my REF3 and with the help of an REF5se ownerit was easy for me to see where to connect the wires and which components were used ( all components like the ARC originals easy to orde... 
modifications you have done to ARC REF 3
Hello forummembers ,my latest modification is the powersupply upgrade as ARC is doing in the REF5 to SE.Could not use the the capacitorboard , as the is no space in the REF 3 , so I had to make myself one .What did it bring me , well better baswei...