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Any Audio Research Reference 610T Owners here?
you should also beware of the fact ,listen to the audio for an hour before you would left the house , you will NOT power up a poweramp like the 610T . That's why I boughta SS poweramp .I 'm sure I 'm not the only one , my audiofriend replaced a be... 
Micro Seiki Parts-Headshells in particular
hello forum members ,Seen at Ebay the headshell for many micro seiki arms , included MA 707 and DQ 41 , 3D manufactured in the Netherlands , seems to me the final search for a lot of micro seiki turntable owners . 
Anyone used a USB microscope to align cartridge?
Did buy a XCsource USB microscope 800x 8 Led from an AD in Amazon , but up until now I 'm not fully satisfied by the result by examen the stylus .Is this the right USB by specs ? Or should I use one with more magnification .BTW after replace the b... 
Did connect the FOZ to a dedicated 230 V AC to 9 V DC powersupply .Did control the calibration test several times ,stays perfect.Now test my cart with the proper test LP , saw a difference between L and R of two scale points , I mean reading L is ... 
Goldmund Studio
anyone knows an address where I can order a spare JVC motor ?( BTW NOT at Goldmund as the TT unit is not a Goldmund or JVC ) 
Eminent Technology et-2 Tonearm New Old Sale Price
I did sell two years ago an used ET2.5 with wisa pump andoriginal manual for € 850 here in the Netherlands ( europe ) 
Preamp for monoblock BAT amps
I 'm using the Audio Research REF 3 with the BAT VK1000monoblocks , it is a marriage in heaven , as the BAT's do have a perfect input impedance which the AR likes to see.( 100kOhm) 
Automatic return arms - still produced ?
the new Dual range 
Jelco and Dynavector
I'm using a dynavector TE KAITORA with a Swissmade Holborne arm , marriage in heaven .Take a look at their webside.Turntable is the famous Dutch brand Sphinx PJ 6 , DD ,unfortunately only 6 made of them in the past. 
Catridge Suggestion for Audio Research PH-5
Hello , to make my Dynavector TE KAITORA a marriage in Heavenwith the PH5 I built in the Jensen step up xformers .ARC used to have this type in their former REF phono.Suggestion to sell or the Dynavector or the PH5 was not what I was thinking abou... 
Kiseki = what to do?
Hello ,A very good address is van den Hul in the Netherlands.Have good experience with a Dynavector. 
Why do McIntosh come with cheap plastic remotes?
Good news , ARC also has a metal remote for the ARC REF 3preamp and also for the REF CD7. 
Why do McIntosh come with cheap plastic remotes?
In hi-finews , april 2014( England ) an anouncement of the ARC CD6 tells us a heavyweight alloy IR remote is included !Well , well is ARC also a reader of Audiogon.Good ! 
ARC Reference 5SE Circuit Voltages
as usual what I see here at Audiogon is the manufacturer of Audio nor the official repair centre is not willing to give you any info about parts , or technical info.I wonder if this against eq European rules .It is strange because in the automotiv... 
Audio Research Reference 3 Seeking help
To Michael , at the backside of my REF 3 is written in solder C111 0.0024mF , in the partlist of the CD7 is writtenC5,6 quantity 4 ARCpart 53240308 CAP 0.0024mF 500V INFINICAP , which is a MKP type.If you can't get the ARC parts , just buy another...