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Tube Recommendation for ARC Ref Phono 2SE
I replaced the original tubes by 6H30 - DR , and the 6550C by NOS Tungsoll 6550 black plate .marriage in heaven ! 
ARC Ref 6 tube replacement
hello tatooedtrackman , I got the suggestion from the tubedepot some time ago for replacement of the blacklabel , they suggest  the SED 6550 black sable . My tube replacement for the REF 3 by the blackplate tungsol gave me the following impression... 
ARC Ref 6 tube replacement
I replaced in my REF 3 the small tubes by 6H30P-DR super tubes and the one in the powersupply by a NOS Tungsol 6550 blackplate , the are no better replace tubes imho .  
Impedance matching with tube amp
hello Kalali ,You are right  about the 600 Ohm , sorry fellow audiogonners  for the wrong figure I give . When I got the Sphinx poweramps I thought 600 Ohm to 600 Ohm  no problem , but ARC poweramps all have 100 k input imp to be sure about the lo... 
Impedance matching with tube amp
I owned a ARC REF 3 pre amp , output imp 100 K , poweramp Sphinx PJ26 , input imp 600 Ohm , at the balanced input . I had a lack of the lower registers , finaly I bought two BAT VK1000 poweramps , marriage in heaven ! 
I 'm a happy owner of B & W 800 Nautilus , with the poweramp BAT VK 1000 ( two monoblocks ) do the biwire option for each block , so one 500 for the lower , the other for the mid /heigh .Together with an ARC REF 3 SE ,its a marriage in heaven 
Need a new amplifier. Need a good match for my Audio Research LS7 preamp
Beware that the LS7 needs a poweramp with at least an input impedance of 60 kOhm , normally a tube poweramp has 100kOhm , just look at the specs of the ARC tube poweramps . 
Shunmook ebony weight owners
Request ended , somebody has given me all the measurements I liked to know , Oh yes it is NOT my intension to make a lookalike as a friendmade a ebony wood record weight for me , which weight is 400 gr. 
Tuberolling the REF5se...
Yes , did buy aprox 8 years ago , from a retailer in Canada , for my REF 3 and for my CD7 . They last 2 times the lifetime of the regular tubes .The sound , more dynamics in general . 
Tuberolling the REF5se...
replace the 60H30P by the NOS 6H30P-DR  
What's with BAT?
The 60H30 tube BAT is using is the supertube version , there is no betterkind available , this tube last much longer than the standard version .In my ARC gear all 6H30 tubes have been replaced by the 6H30P-DR version , just not only the lifetime ,... 
What is more accurate , the fozgometer or the diplay of the oscilloscoop
I like to thank you all for your input , I do think now the fozgo is a very accurate tool , that is the question now for me can you adjust yourcartridge in the way that left and right output are exactly the same ?My problem is the Dynavector te ka... 
ARC PH 3 running Balanced through ARC BL 1 Atributes?
I have gathered information by the importer in the Netherlands , he told me its an too old product , it will sure not be a good solution .Myselfdoes not consider this option . 
How long will tubes last in a pre-amp?
In my ARC REF 3SE I replaced all the small tubes by 6H30P-DR ,they should last more than 10.000 hrs. 
Border Patrol Power Supplies
hello jond , it 's a really upgrade using the borderpatrol , I'm using one with my modified ARC PH5 phono , only  the high voltage input is used .You have to convert the output of the borderpatrol to match the HV inputof the amp. you like to use .