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Attn Vinyl lovers - what CD Player do you use?
Still have my Theta Jade transport, Stereophlie recommended class A, purchased new back in 98. Threshold DAC2, purchased used back in 03. My first DAC was a PS Audio SL3. The SL3 was warm and smooth.. it was easy on the ears, and very pleasant to ... 
Electrostatic Speakers
You will hear a difference like you did with the cable, with more good clean power for your Quest Z. I have Martin Logan Aerius i driven by Threshold T series pre and power amp purchased new back in '98. The entire system is wired with Tara Labs R... 
Taralabs cables
To Jebsmith73, or anyone who would know.. What audio cable company has a very good resale value or the best resale value, and why? Just curious.. I honestly have no time to research.. would rather listen to music in the sweet spot :) 
If she isn't into the gear, is she into the music?
Their also into oreos, chips and dip, ice cream, anything chocolate, any ole white wine, etc. 
If she isn't into the gear, is she into the music?
Most women I know today could careless about gear and even music.. well, maybe a little music to provide a little background noise. Most women today are into/on their phones day and night. They seem to enjoy talking and texting over music. 
Similar sounding bands.
Yes - Flash 
Basis Audio Super Arm 9
I hate you guys! :) 
Selecting Amplifier for Vienna Acoustics Speakers.
MBL would be my choice. I use Threshold T-200, or sometimes my T-100 on my Hayden Grands. Solid state is the way to go. Class A solid state would even be better, IMO. 
how much did you ever spend on a cable?
8ft pair Tara Labs Master Generation2+ speaker cable 963.00, new. 
Best buys you've ever acquired on AG
Tara Labs The One Power Cable, 6ft with original box and velvet bag... looked new. I got it here back in 09. I paid what he was asking.. If I remember right, it was 545.00. The average price for this cable back then was about 800.00. 
5 Favorite Concerts
Uriah Heep. Gary Thain blew me away!Beck, Bogart & Appice. Wow!Chicago. Chicago V tour with Steely Dan opening.Asia. Original line up. John Wetton sang is ass off!Earl Klugh. Best live sound I ever heard! 
Wishbone Ash fans...
Big fan myself.. saw them in Tampa Fl, at Curtis Hixon hall back in 73 or 74, not long after their double LP Wishbone Live was released with the original members. Martin Turner sang and played his ass off on that old Thunderbird bass. Electric Lig... 
New Ian Anderson
Can't wait to hear it! Thanks! 
Best cheap speaker cables............again
I get excellent results with Tara Labs Master Generation 2 "Plus" on my Haydn Grands. The speakers are being driven by a solid state class A pre and class A amp, though, so I can't tell you how well my cables will do with a tube amp. I do have a t... 
Can I get a
A gift certificate from Bass Central should make an awesome birthday present for a bass player. IMO.