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Personal amp evolution
Onkyo TX-11 (1983), Onkyo Integra TX108 (1986), Threshold T-100 (1997) still have it, Threshold T-200 (2005) here to stay. 
Radio interference on my phono stage
I have a TT that has two ground wires; one coming from the tonearm and one coming from the bottom of the bearing. If I don't ground both wires I will receive RFI. Grounding the tonearm seems to be the most critical part for my TT. 
Eagles Concert Guitar Player
I just did some research, Robbie McIntosh and Robbie MacIntosh are two different people. Robbie from the Average White Band OD'ed and died at Cher's house while she was hosting a party, during the mid to late 70's. And yes, Robbie from the Pretend... 
Eagles Concert Guitar Player
Drubin and Fab4fan, The person you are thinking of is Hamish Stuart who played guitar and bass in Paul McCartney,s band. Hamish and Robbie McIntosh ( who played drums ), played together in the Average White Band during the mid 70's. BTW I don't kn... 
Eagles Concert Guitar Player
Tvad, the tune was Hotel California. Stuart Smith is more then a very good guitar player, that's why he got the gig. Not that joe was too loud, the sound man had him turned up just right, but did you notice Joe's guitar was MUCH louder in the mix ... 
How can I make my Kenwood 5070 TT sound better?
Hey Lestron, I also have a KD- 5070 TT, although I don't use it any more due to a new TT. I did upgrade the cartridge from an Audio Technica to a Sumiko Blue Point ($200.00), with much better results, using an Acurus P-10 phono pre at the time. As... 
Eagles Concert Guitar Player
Did anyone hear Stuart Smith's (replacement guitarst ) guitar? He was clearly not in the mix during the entire show. It' was the first thing I noticed, two bars into the first song. I'm surprised no one has commented on this disaster. 
Eagles Concert Guitar Player
Why was the replacement guirtist on the far right, left of Joe, was not turned up in the mix? I could hardly hear him. 
infinity renaissance 90-what amp to use?
I remember talking to the people at Infinity in the early to mid 90's about the Renaissance speakers when I was lusting after them. Their preference of amps for that speaker at the time were Audio Research, tubed preferably. I bet a high powered A... 
Is it smart to upgrade from Benz MC20?
In the summer, when the audio business is slow, you should be able to find a new ACE for at least $450 with out a trade, as I did. I've never heard the Glider but I'm very happy with my ACE, which clearly out performed my Somiko Blue Point. I plan... 
sexiest sounding female vocalists?
Right now for me, it's Annie Haslam. She was the lead singer for the 70's band Renaissance. 
Stock Rega arm-wiring -- how Cheesey???
Hey Plato, I had a Rega RB600 arm with stock cable that I was pretty happy with on a Basis TT, until I upgraded to the Vector arm. Check out Galen Carol Audio, ( he has info and Incognito wiring kit upgrades for Rega arms. 
Progressive Rock
I don't know what type of music I built my system around, but I still enjoy listing to progressive rock from the 70's whenever the mood strikes, because that's all I was into back then. Prog rock sounds pretty damn good comming out of my Basis TT,... 
Attention: Basis Turntable owners
Hey George, when I got my 2000 I told myself I was'nt going to upgrade the pods or the arm, but with these new tweaks available, there's a possibility in December... maybe. To be brief, the difference between the Vector and Rega was extremely noti... 
Attention: Basis Turntable owners
. Hey George, thanks for the info. I also have the 2000, it came from Galen Carol Audio with the Rega RB 600 arm which I was very happy with, but I just had to have the Vector arm. The Vector crushed the Rega. Anyway, unless you're totaly happy wi...