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Small or big tubes/valves for pre amp ?
This worries me a bit to hear, although I am no bass freak, I like tight bass, using a solid state power amp instead of tube power amp make any difference? 
LSA Customer Loyalty & Mixed Feelings
I asked LSA for a replacement remote for my amp a few years ago, negative! Replacement buttons, negative! Give me the codes to program a all in one remote, negative!So not much customer service there, at least they could find the codes for the rem... 
Small or big tubes/valves for pre amp ?
Thanks for all your inputs, really appreciate it.I live in a far remote area so no chance to listen to other gear, with a pre amp that uses tubes it would give me more chance to tailor the sound for my preference, my speakers are bbc speakers, so ... 
Small or big tubes/valves for pre amp ?
Just to clarify, I like a bit more detail than I hear at the moment with my setup,  but don’t want the details thrown in my face so to speak, just want to be better able to follow different instruments in a classical piece for example, not detail ... 
Bit the Bullet ... Don Sachs Model 2 Preamp
Am thinking about this pre too, am looking forward to your impressions. 
Small or big tubes/valves for pre amp ?
I have had some correspondence with Don, he seam like genuine nice person and very helpful, but of course he will not talk down his own product, and nor should he.As I know the the flavor of many nos 6922 and they can be very different, I have no ... 
What about the Belles SA-100?
Anyone using tube pre amp ? 
What about the Belles SA-100?
What preamps are you guys using with Belles power amps? 
What about the Belles SA-100?
Old discussion, but hopefully I can get some input, wondering if a Belles sa-100 would play well with a Vincent SA-7 pre amp, my speakers are Graham Audio LS 5/9, are they quiet in operation, and do one get good insight into the music, with good m... 
Primare I35 Prisma
Have not heard it myself, but it’s getting rave reviews in Europe. 
My experience after lost of 20k$
I find this tread very strange indeed, hearing many of you talking about all the problems that streaming and computers make in your life!I 2 years ago installed Roon on my MacBook Pro, I have my music library on a 2tb ext hd, that’s get copied to ... 
Mac Mini as a music server
Am also thinking about a new Mac mini or a iMac that also can handle my photo editing, thinking using Ethernet to a pro-ject endpoint into my Primare Dac  
Speakers with the most detailed midrange? (non-ESL/planar)
The Graham Audio LS 5/9 will give you everything you are looking for, one can hear far into the recordings and follow different layers on the recordings but still hear everything as a hole, also you can listen for hours on end without getting fati... 
Big speakers in small room at moderate volume levels
On the subject of the 30.2 being much better than the Graham 5/9, I respectfully totally disagree, heard the 30.1, bought the 5/9.To me the Harbeth projected the midrange too much, too much in my face so to speak, the Graham seam better as a hole,... 
The Future of Audio Amplification
Go to and read the reviews that their Primare 35 gets, do not have a class d amp myself, but maybe the way to go in future.