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Primaluna EVO 300/400 Preamplifier owners - let's hear from you
What speakers do you have, I also plan to get a tube pre amp, have got a Belles SA30 class A power amp this year and plan to partner it with a Supratek Cabernet pre, looked also at the PrimaLuna but have read that they are not so tube sounding, mo... 
stand-mount speakers for classical music
Most of the BBC design speakers are very good with classical. 
Supratek..Cabernet 6SN7 or Cabernet DHT
For a Cabernet pre there is a 3 months wait now, not sure about the other models! 
What makes a speaker sound great at low volume?
My Graham’s 5/9 sound glorious on low volume driven by a 30w class A Belles. 
Harbeth vs Graham audio
I have the Graham Audio LS 5/9 and found them better sounding than the 30.1, but you should really listen for yourself, both are great speakers, I just prefer the 5/9. 
Need some Tube and Class A SS Suggestions
I bought a Belles SA-30 class A power amp to pair with my Graham Audio LS 5/9, they sound beautiful together, hopefully I can change my pre amp to a Supratek this year.The Belles has only 30w in Class A, but it sounds very powerful, the snap of a ... 
What is the best solid state amplifier you have ever heard?
Belles SA-30 Class A 
Belles / Power Modules Inc. Status
Phoning is probably best, he/they are not good in answering emails, but after 3 tries he answered, so it is possible ;-) 
Demo'ing Class A amps, Appreciation Suggestions from those who recently been there
@decooney - I am very impressed by the sound, very good soundstage with beautiful decaying of instruments, I did not expect so much right away as I am using the pre out of my old intergraded amp, but I can live with this sound happily until I get ... 
Demo'ing Class A amps, Appreciation Suggestions from those who recently been there
Smooth Class A, try the Belles SA-30, I just got one and it is sounding wonderful  
Belles research?
@mofimadness Thanks, hopefully I will get the Supratek later this year, I don’t change system often, the one I have is from early 2000, newest addition the Primare Dac 30 that I think came out in 2013!After the Supratek I plan to get a better dac,... 
Belles research?
Got my SA-30 this week, at this moment listening to Idle Moments ( Grant Green ) Sounds wonderful and I am using the pre out on my old solid state intergraded amp! Very happy also that it is sounding great on low volume.Looking forward getting a S... 
Supratek Owners Thread
Are the pre amps microphonic ? 
Supratek..Cabernet 6SN7 or Cabernet DHT
Yeah, Mick is great, always ready to answer questions one has, does not matter how stupid !Unfortunately I am not in position to take him on the offer he has at the moment,  concerning the Cabernet, hopefully the offer still stands a bit later in ... 
Belles research?
Phusis - Thanks for the link, very much appreciated.