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Accuphase E-470 or Luxman 590ax II ?
Thanks for the response, nice to know that it is dead quiet, also that the heat is not a problem makes this amp very interesting for me, am right now listening to Greg Brown on my Graham’s with my Advantage S100 amp with Roon and Primare Dac 30 as... 
Accuphase E-470 or Luxman 590ax II ?
I know that Accuphase keeps replaceable parts a long time after products go out of production, how is it with Luxman? Do they have the same policy?Am a bit worried about the heat from the 590II although I live in a cold climate, our houses are wel... 
Which Monitor Speakers to Consider
Have had my Graham Audio LS 5/9 for a few months now, must say these are wonderful speakers, you can listen for hours without fatigue, but still get lost and lots of detail, I even think they look good without the grills on, mine are the rosewood ... 
Accuphase E-470 or Luxman 590ax II ?
greginnh, that’s my thinking too, I like the Accuphase looks better, but the class A e-600 is so much more expensive than the Luxman, also the Luxman already has a phone card built inn as standard and it is supposed to be rather good, so should I ... 
Accuphase E-470 or Luxman 590ax II ?
Thanks for your input Oran, have you tried the headphone output on the two amps ?Would you say that the Accuphase has a warmer sound signature ?Did you loose any musicality going from class A to a class AB design ? 
Accuphase E-470 or Luxman 590ax II ?
Yes, I know that the E-600 would be the natural comparison, but the 600 is nearly twice as expensive!!!How did you like the Luxman on low volume? 
What is your speaker ownership history since 1995?
I am just Wondering how anyone has the time to enjoy the music, when one is changing the most important component of a Hi-Fi that often? In my experience, it take at least for me a long time to get to know my speakers, with the different styles of... 
What is your speaker ownership history since 1995?
Sorry, not to judge, but guys that change speakers every year, I think should find an other hobby! Either your ears are shot, or you have more money than sense, or you are into gear more than music, which unfortunately is a thing I see more and mo... 
Accuphase DA-40
Is it easy to install? 
Accuphase Integrated Amp - E600 or E470
Thanks, nice to know. 
Accuphase Integrated Amp - E600 or E470
Hi guys, interesting discussion, I am looking for an integrated amp to be used with my soon to arrive Graham Audio LS 5/9, could stretch my budget to the E-370 or maybe the E-470.Can you guys tell me how these amps sound on low volume?are they qui... 
A higher level than Mullard in tube quality?
Have the same DK Design amp, and I also like the Mullard the best, have tried a few others, but with the Mullard, the amp made a wonderful midrange.have not tried the Siemens. 
Class D = Trash?
Maybe we have to get use to the class D amp, as it has a very black background, which makes the instrument and voices sound very clear.Interestingly Primare i32 intergrated amp,that is a Class D design, and got very good reviews here in Europe sin... 
Harbeth Love and your experiences
Was looking forward to buy a 30.1 Went to the dealer and had a listining, left very disappointed, the midrange was very in your face, did not like the sound one bit, seamed to me the speaker was all about the midrange and nothing else!!! 
Small living room speaker options.. Totem Arro?
The Graham Audio LS 5/9 would work well in a small room, I guess.