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What solid amp to pair with DiaLogue Premium Preamplifier ?
Yes, I read that too somewhere, made me worry about the Primaluna quality!I could also look at the Vincent 7 pre amp, gets great reviews. 
What solid amp to pair with DiaLogue Premium Preamplifier ?
Sounds interesting, have not though about Rogue, looking forward to your impressions.After checking,I see it’s a tube power amp,I am after a tube pre and solid state amp. 
What solid amp to pair with DiaLogue Premium Preamplifier ?
Not sure I want to go class d.Was thinking more of an mosfet amp. 
Recommend Affordable Integrated Amps (Solid State or Tube)
Norma Revo 140, a fantastic amp. 
Kinki EX M1 user comments
If the Kinki was a intergrated in the style of Accuphase/ Luxman then I would be very interested, I have grown tired of the minimalist approach, but it looks like a fine amp in that minimal design style. 
Please help me figure out what I need to do this. My head spins with tech talk..
I would look at the higher end Yamaha and Denon, they play SACDs too, also Marantz are said to be good, or a cheaper player with digital output into a new Wadia Di322 that also has a great headphone out, endless options out there.Good luck. 
Vincent SV-236MK
I am also very interested to see if the SA-T7 is a big upgrade on the 237.Could be interesting to try it with the 332 power amp. 
Safe to use stereo amp for Movies in the long term?
If the AVR is of sound construction then no problem at all, only time one had to think if it was worth it, is if the amp was a tube amp, as the tubes would wear out a lot faster. 
Is there actually a difference?
This could be a very interesting tread, looking forward to follow it. One thing I feel doesn’t get enough discussion is high end solid state amps for normal 2way speakers or just speakers that are easy to drive, not talking about horns and the lik... 
Best Loudspeakers for Rich Timbre?
All the bbc design speakers have it in spades.Amphion speakers have it too, although they have a different sound. 
Belles Greatest Integrated ever! The Virtuoso
Will the Belles Virtuoso ever come to market ?was supposed to hit the shelves in January, then June! What up ? 
Harbeth 30.1 ? The Ultimate Speaker under $5K ?
Have nothing against Harbeth speakers, I listen at a dealer for a few hours to a pair of 30.1 that I had lusted after for years, left the shop very disappointed and confused. A year later I bought Graham Audio ls5/9 unheard as I wanted to own a bb... 
Where on earth is the Belles Virtuoso?
Wondering the same! His amps get great reviews, I just wish that the Virtuoso was a bit tone down design vise, too many blue led’s.but that just me, just think more subdued design holds it time better. 
Norma Audio
Have been thinking about the Norma Revo ipa-140 for my system for a while, but not being able to have a Home demo makes the outlay a bit risky, the amp gets very good reviews in Scandinavia and Europe. 
Kinki Studio EX-M1 200wpc Integrated Amplifier
This amp looks a bit like the Norma ipa-140 !anyone knows if the sonic is in the same ball park ?Is this a true balance amp ?and is there a difference in sound quality between the balance input and the line input ?