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Does anyone remember this Marantz?
Can someone identify this song?
Dare to Fall in Love - Brent Bourgeois 
What's your favorite MFSL CD's?
Pink Floyd - DSOTMJean Michele Jarre - EquinoxeRUSH - Moving PicturesSting - Nothing Like The SunSting- Dream of the Blue TurtlesThe Police - SynchronicityJohn Lee Hooker - The HealerEric Clapton - SlowhandI have around 100 MoFi gold cd's but thos... 
Cryogenically treated cables
It doesn't cost very much to do cables. I bet you could get a dozen interconnects done for under $30. I talked to a place here in town (cedar rapids, iowa) about doing some parts for my drag bike. While I was there I asked him if he'd ever done an... 
Photopoint Pic Posting Site Dead? Alternatives?
DIY Cat 5 speaker cables....
I use CAT5 cables in my sytem and am very happy with the results with my 802 series 3's. I used the Chris VenHaus design and Belden 1585a cable that he recommends. I run my speakers bi-amped and used 9 twisted pairs for the mid/tweet and 27 for th... 
Used 2200 speakers as good as 6000 spks new ??
I got my pair of 802 series 3's for only $1300. Best purchase I ever made. 
Mannheim Steamroller HDCD's, anybody heard them?
Thanks for your input Bob, much appreciated. I was at Sam Goody 2 days ago and saw they had Fresh Aire 3 and 6 hdcd's as seperates, not in the box set. They also have the Christmas cd's in a box set of their own, also hdcd remastered. I'll have to... 
Best MTV Unplugged?
Either Nirvana or Alice In Chains 
CAN Bi-Amping been done Correctly?
I have a pair of B&W 802 series 3's that are bi-amped with a pair of Parasound amps. The difference was nothing short of amazing. 
Mannheim Steamroller HDCD's, anybody heard them?
I was born after the break-up of The Beatles but I have been a fan all of my life. I remember sitting at the kitchen table, eating my morning cereal and listening to radio when I heard the sad news about John, I was only 8 at the time. I still rem... 
Can someone tell me what this song is??
Dumb question, how did you do that? I have an old fusion song that I'd love to find the title and who it's by. 
Nirvana on Simply Vinyl
I have the MFSL gild discs and I think they both sound incredible, muc much better than the originals. Whether or not it's worth the money is up to you to decide. 
Favorite HDCD????
Dire Straits- Money For Nothing(best of)TOOL- LateralusBryan Ferry- MamounaMickey Hart- Mystery Box