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Installing dedicated lines. Which cable to use?
Call Lee at, He will help you out.Great guy & great products.Good Luck 
Power Cords on a $1000 budget what would you do?
I second Tvad, go with the Purist line. Believe me they will make a major improvement. 
Isolation platform under US 500 for CDP
SRA Period. I've used most all of the ones already listed at one time or another. SRA beat them all as far as I'm concerned. 
Best Place to get Levinson 27.5 Amp repaired
I second the Levinson service. Sent a 436 back to them over the summer , was back in 2 weeks. I've had a few questions since & the customer service has been second to none. I was always able to speak with a tech within a second.Regards,Gary 
best power cords for my levinson 436's
John , Hi, I have a mix of Dominus & Aqueous in my system now. I would agree they are close in performance. I would have to say the Dominus with the Oyaide connectors are ,lets say 20% better than the Aqueous & this not to take anything aw... 
Help - Mark Levinson Owners
I will throw another into the mix of great power cords, Try Purist Dominus or even the Aqueous. They did wonders for my ML's. Believe me I have tried many others & these were the best for my system. 
best power cords for my levinson 436's
Thanks for the responses. After trying quite a few different power cords ( Kubala-Sosna Emotion, Sonoran, Vitual Dynamics, BMI, & a few others )I've settled on Purist Dominus PC's. These are for my system the best I have tried. Very balabced &... 
Setting up Revel B15
I have an extra cd. I own the B15a & sub 30. email me to exchange # 
John Mayer Trio???????
I've been a Fan Of John since day one. He is truely one of the best young Guitarist to come along in a long time. I really hope his new trio release will be a stepping stone to his new directions (not that his previous work was bad ). I love artis... 
small krell or levinson for dynaudio c3.4s??
IMHO, I've used Levinson gear for years & you would have no problem with the low end of their amps. I've had some old Krell amps I prefer the Livinson sound hands down. It all depends on your personal tastes. Let your ears find the answer.Good... 
recomended musical sub for 2 channel audio
Revel Sub 30. One of the best... 
Best subwoofer?
Revel Sub 30, one of the best. you owe it to yourself to ck this sub out. gets down low. great for music as well as HT 
best power cords for my levinson 436's
The sub 30 is awesome Really gets down there, unless your room is huge I doubt if you would need two. What are you using for your main speakers? I'm using the sonoran plateay interconnect on the sub it's working out well.I have settled on the sono...