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If you had access to a time machine, what concerts would you go back to see?
Quadrophenia Tour 1973 was awesome. Almost as good as Elton John and John Lennon at MSG. Early Springsteen at Asbury bars and small theaters compete. Would love to have been at Monterey, Bangladesh and Last Waltz (even the movies were outstanding)... 
Wilson Audio looking to compare Sasha Daw to Alexia 2
The Alexia2s have better driver alignment adjustability for a more precise dial in and provide a bigger (taller) soundstage with a more impactful low end. However, the DAW is no slouch re any of those qualities. The Wilson house sound and DNA is c... 
Which VTF Scale are you using?
Ortofon DS-3 worked better than my Clearaudio or Chinese job relabeled by about a dozen companies (e.g. Acoustec).  
Better Records White Hot Stampers: Now the Story Can Be Told!
MC-I could not agree more re Bruce. Darkness is the best sounding album--- but most just Godawful--especially "Magic". However, I like him enough to withstand the poor sound quality. His voice almost always overtakes the mix. I find it hard to fol... 
LAMM M1.2 - Feedback - Advice - Please - anyone heard these?
I hate to disagree with atmasphere who has a habit of being right-- but I have never heard the Lamms sound bright. If anything, to my ears, they were a little on the dark side (like all of us). 
New ARC REF6se or buy a used ARC Reference 10?
If the Ref 10 is in excellent condition, it has advantages that the Ref 6se will not have.  
LAMM M1.2 - Feedback - Advice - Please - anyone heard these?
The Lamm M1.2, I believe, fits your requirements like a glove. A fabulous amp, very powerful with a hint of tube warmth but very organic sound. 
Anything SS sounds better than D'Agostino ?
Well--I've heard different, but I cannot say better. But I have not heard Gryphon or Dartzeel in circumstances that allowed me to make a judgment about them--other than that they are both pretty awesome. 
Who else is using old cables/interconnects, and is happy?
A representative inside of McIntosh factory once told me that the engineers there maintained that there was no noticeable difference in various interconnects and speaker wire. At the time I had the Mac 1000t pre and 2102 amp. An audio reviewer who... 
The Weekend
No one touches the Beatles and Dylan to me. The Byrds, Animals, Stones, Zep, Who, Kinks, Floyd, CSNY, Allman Bros, Prine, Bruce, Tull, Chicago, Elton, Seger, REM, Talking Heads, U2, Willie, Emmylou, Lucinda etc. and scores more, all among my favs.... 
Will Sasha II work in a 11.5 x 26 ft room
I had close to the same room dimensions and the Sashas worked extremely well there. 
Audio Lessons Learned - post your best advice for the newer members!
I always want to hear a combination of amplification components and speakers at a dealer or in my home before purchasing. Advise from others here does not work. We all like different presentations. Listening to other opinions here on this issue is... 
Wilson Audio Sasha DAW’s or Alex 1’s?
Toe in is crucial for proper Wilson placement. The dealer will set them up but even the manual makes clear that failure to toe in defeats the theories behind the speaker design and will result in a significant loss of fidelity.  
will changing to solid-state make the bass in my wilson sophias better at low volume?
Wilsons require high current amps to drive them properly. Also, triode is not the best mode for dynamics at any volume. Do you have an ultralinear mode on the amp that you can switch to? In my Wilson travels (Sophia, WP7s, Sasha and now Alexia 2s)... 
Record clamp/weight and turntable speed
I disagree on Stillpoints record weight. It eliminates vinyl vibration and clears a slight tizzyness in some highs. Record warped--I put the VPI  perimeter record clamp.