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DAW vs Alexia 1 vs Sasha 2, descending order of $$
I had Sashas and  now Alexia 2s. They are both speakers you can have for life and be confident that there is no need to trade up. Unless you are crazy like many of us. Crack it is. 
DAW vs Alexia 1 vs Sasha 2, descending order of $$
No brainer for me. But the DAW is superb as well. 
ARC REF 150SE vs REF 160S
bifwynneYou could very well be right. My Ref 150 with KT150s was one sweet little brut. I'm sure the Ref150SE was better. I maintain that the Ref 150 series amps from ARC are among the best bang for the buck (now used) gear in high end audio. Of c... 
Ready, set, comment! Speaker cables don’t make a difference?
audition:No assumption made--except ARC clearly considers cabling important. No lamp cord there. 
Ready, set, comment! Speaker cables don’t make a difference?
The reference to ARC advising not to spend $ on cables is probably taken out of context. I'm sure they would recommend upgrading a component vs upgrading speaker cable (assuming one starts with cable from a reputable manufacturer). ARC uses Shunya... 
Stereophile's 2021 products of the year
Lonemountain:ATC makes great sounding speakers but not very well known in the U.S. home audio market. Maybe an advertisement in Stereophile should be considered. ; ) 
What would be your favorite 3 tracks that demonstrate how great your system sounds?
First-Magic Carpet Ride from any version of the album (Second) or any early version of Steppenwolf Gold. This is most definitely not so in the recent Analogue Production version. Chad said that he used master tapes on each song on the album--- whe... 
Stereophile's 2021 products of the year
I enjoy Stereophile, TAS and HiFi News and Record Review. I do not find Harley, Valin, Fremer, Reichert, Kessler or other prominent reviewers in any way dishonest. I do not believe that the magazines provide great reviews for ad money (although I ... 
OPPO 205 or Bel Canto PL-1
I have a PL1 universal player and IMHO it still competes with the mid-top tier today. I also have an OPPO 205 which is more versatile (e.g. Blu-Ray) but not quite the equal of the BelCanto for redbook, SACD and DVD-a. The OPPO was great for price.... 
The Lifespan of an LP?
I bought my first album in 1967 and like many albums I own from the 60s, 70s and 80s, played the hell out of it. I always took good care of my vinyl. But the grooves on my favorite albums (many of which have been played over 100 times) appear noti... 
If you had access to a time machine, what concerts would you go back to see?
Quadrophenia Tour 1973 was awesome. Almost as good as Elton John and John Lennon at MSG. Early Springsteen at Asbury bars and small theaters compete. Would love to have been at Monterey, Bangladesh and Last Waltz (even the movies were outstanding)... 
Wilson Audio looking to compare Sasha Daw to Alexia 2
The Alexia2s have better driver alignment adjustability for a more precise dial in and provide a bigger (taller) soundstage with a more impactful low end. However, the DAW is no slouch re any of those qualities. The Wilson house sound and DNA is c... 
Which VTF Scale are you using?
Ortofon DS-3 worked better than my Clearaudio or Chinese job relabeled by about a dozen companies (e.g. Acoustec).  
Better Records White Hot Stampers: Now the Story Can Be Told!
MC-I could not agree more re Bruce. Darkness is the best sounding album--- but most just Godawful--especially "Magic". However, I like him enough to withstand the poor sound quality. His voice almost always overtakes the mix. I find it hard to fol... 
LAMM M1.2 - Feedback - Advice - Please - anyone heard these?
I hate to disagree with atmasphere who has a habit of being right-- but I have never heard the Lamms sound bright. If anything, to my ears, they were a little on the dark side (like all of us).