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Wilson Audio for a 1600 sq ft space
My favorite ss with Wilson is D'Agostino which were designed utilizing Wilson speakers.  Dave Wilson preferred them as well and utilized the Momentums in his home system. If size is not an issue, consider the Progression mono amps @ $38,000 list p... 
Wilson Audio for a 1600 sq ft space
Take Alexia 2s over Maxx 3s as stand alone speakers. If you love crushing bass for the room, consider Sasha DAWs and 2 Watch Dogs. The cost will be high but it will be well worth it.   
Value of mint condition first pressing of Sgt. Pepper?
Many thanks bg 
Value of mint condition first pressing of Sgt. Pepper?
big_greg:How does one find the "find your version" tool on discogs? 
Need advice on new TT
C'mon TroyYou are the undisputed champion of self-promotion and have been told many times by many members to stop. But, as I've said before--you are the energizer bunny --you take a licking but keep on ticking. And so it will ever be. 
Need advice on new TT
Dohmann Helix Mk 2Techdas Two PremiumAMG ForteTW Acoustic Black NightI am thinking about moving up myself. The above are the strongest contenders for me based mainly upon reviews, discussions with dealers and  the universal conclusions as to the n... 
Maximizing VPI Prime Performance
The Stillpoints LP isolator was a nice tweak for me and helped eliminate vibrations of the vinyl. The result is a slightly smoother more well defined sound with significantly less "tizziness" in the high end that I did not realize was there until ... 
Whats on your turntable tonight?
"It's all over now baby blue" by Patrick Mahomes  
NYC audio dealers
This Dylan tour and his stop at the Beacon was his best in many, many years. I highly recommend that any Dylan fan catch it. BTW, I have seen him at least 3-4 times in the last decade and was very disappointed. I had given up. Glad I gave it anoth... 
Amps with meters ...
The meters on my ARC 160  monoblocks are not accurate. But they sure are pretty when I choose the lowest level of light in the window from which you can see the tubes within (one can adjust the brightness within the double paned plastic window on ... 
Abbey Road 50th Anniversary
Alot of annoying minor surface tics throughout side 2 of the remastered 2019 Abbey Road. No excuse for that. Maybe an ultrasonic leaning will help. 
Whats on your turntable tonight?
Abbey Road 50th anniversary edition 
A civil discussion about the state of Audio Research
As on owner of 3 generations of ARC electronics (currently Ref 40 and Ref 160 monos), each one better than the last--I can say that I do miss Kal. Email only is no way to provide real customer service for products like the Ref 160s that go for 30k... 
Why do YOU love Vinyl/or hate vinyl
Vinyl is more work. Vinyl simply sounds more natural and overall better than digital. Full stop. 
VPI Uni-Pivit Tone Arms
Still good for me after many years. I would ask VPI for a replacement part that holds the pin point tip.