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McIntosh Group purchased by PE firm
Sure glad ARC spun off a while back and is the hands of an old ARC hand.  
Albums you do not get...a plea for help and understanding
Anyone who missed his last two tours have missed him at his best since he toured with Tom Petty in 1986. IMHO. Obviously very different but gripping and with a great band.  
Albums you do not get...a plea for help and understanding
Agree on Dave Matthews. Good musicianship but boring and the drummer thinks he is the center of the band and hits the skins way too much.   
Songs that sound like Dylan
mksun wins--but it is a rip off of Like a Rolling Stone.  
Best tonearm rewire - cable and service...
Steve Leung is the man!  
I'm trusting FedEx/ UPS less by the day
How about fedex neglecting to pick up at a fedex box for 3 weekdays in a row without notice and then promising to rush the delivery and failing to do so?  
Is it ok to stack LPs horizontally?
In addition to warping (which I never considered) I always thought that the extra weight of storing horizontally would cause dust and dirt to be pressed into the grooves. So I always store vertically.   
2022 Grammy Award Show?
I debated watching the Grammys because I no longer like what is generally considered popular music. But instead of turning away, I thought I should watch so that I don’t become too "removed" from the best sellers on the contemporary scene. I concl... 
2022 Grammy Award Show?
What I learned: Billie Eilish  and BTS have talent. Jon Batiste had a great performance and acceptance speech. Justin Beiber can't sing or dance. Silk Sonic--you guys are not as great as you think. Awful acceptance speech. Very good  performance... 
Best unplugged live
RDK777: McCartney unplugged in 1991 was excellent. Even more so on vinyl "Paul McCartney Unplugged the official bootleg" It is an MPL production but available only as a Hispa Vox (Spanish) pressing. It sounds great.    
Wilson Alexia - speaker placement question
I have Alexia 2s in a NYC apartment which has your exact dimensions 16x21x9. My speakers are 19" from the front wall at the rear inside corner of the toed in cabinet. The speakers fire down the long walls to my seat. The walls are dense plaster. ... 
Sound Better w/Amp Directly Into Wall Then Thru Zero Surge
I am a Shunyata fan. I’ve had the original Hydra and Tritons 1,2 and 3. Each time I update my power conditioner, I plug my amps into the Shunyata to see what happens. Each time, the sound is less powerful and more restricted than if I plug the amp... 
VPI Fatboys versus others in its' tonearm weight class.
I prefer the VPI unipivot for its speed and clarity in the midrange-- although not quite as strong in the bass as the fatboy.  
What is your favorite cover?
Byrds "Mr. Tambourine Man" (Dylan) Sinead O'Connor "Sacrifice" (Elton) Leon "Jumpin' Jack Flash/Youngblood" from Concert For Bangladesh  
HRS ADH Record Weight
I did not compare--- but the Stillpoints LP-1 is a big improvement over the VPI HRX record clamp. It causes the vinyl to cease vibration enough to make a notable positive impact, especially on the high end which became less tizzy. I did not realiz...