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Info, schematics for Wright sound AU70 amps
These amps have internal bias meters which don't appear to be reading properly. 
Review: Counterpoint SA-100 Tube amp
@Johnson Wu: PLease contact me at this email address: steinwayrules@gmail.com. I have some VERY interesting feedback regarding the NP220(i own one) that you will likely want to hear about.Cheers,David 
Building high-end 'tables cheap at Home Despot II
06-26-10: MosinI was asked on another forum to make a comparison between a commonly found commercial turntable and a Lenco tweaked by a marketeer, or a DIY Lenco. My response was that a turntable built by an enthusiast always trumps one built by a... 
Building high-end 'tables cheap at Home Despot II
David, stop trying to stir up trouble and give Jean his credit where credit is due! I noticed that you have also gone phishing on Vinyl Asylum for dirt that does not exist. I purchased Jean's original 100lb Reference table (purpleheart top), as yo... 
Building high-end 'tables cheap at Home Despot II
Many had warned me that Arthur Salvatore was a VERY difficult and picky reviewer (I could see this myself from perusing his website), but he stepped up to the plate, and I’m sure any Lenco fans out there - worth their salt - will join me in thanki...