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Connecting CD directly to Poweramp
Channel Islands is another maker of excellent and inexpensive passives 
Equipment found at the dump
Not quite the dump... a friend from work gave me his '70's Realistic STA-2270 when he bought his theatre in a box. I found out later (in an emergency) that the 2270 was one of those 'hidden gems'. The tuner is especially impressive as it replaced ... 
I want peoples opinions on best ac conditioners
I most definitely agree with Sutts on the BPT's. I purchased a 2.0 with bybee's through Walter and the improvement in dynamics/staging for this east coast apt. dweller was amazing. I added the high current filter later on and highly recommend it a... 
recommendation of a sound level meter
Here are the corrections for the RS meter. Unfortunately, I only kept the #'s I was concerned with at the time. Use C weighting and the slow response:20hz +7.5 25 +5 31.5 +3 40 +2.5 50 +1.5 63 +1.5 80 +1.5 100 +2125 +0.5160 -0.5200 -0.5250 +0.5315... 
shatki holographs
For a DIY sketch:http://members.aol.com/bvirgil311/hallosketch.jpg 
Classic rock album covers
In the mid seventies I saw an entire side of a barn painted as In The Court of The Crimson King. And a beautiful, detailed piece of work it was! I think it was in Maine, but then, I'm lucky to have survived the sixties!!! 
How international is your system?
AC Cords - AmericanIC's - AmericanConditioner - AmericanInt. Amp - AmericanCDP - China/CanadaTuner - JapanWires- Scandinavian/AmericanDrivers - ScandinavianX-Overs - AmericanWhere is MDF Grown?Stands - 'Mercan Steel + SandRack - 'Mercan Steel/Cana... 
What's your profession? Age?
I'm 50 yrs. old and have been involved in textile research for thirty yrs. I've worked on everything from carbon fiber insulation for satellites to panty hose and from fly fishing line to bullet proof vests. My 2 ch. retails for 21K, but paid abou... 
Does your system reflect your personality?
My system is none of those things either, Lazarus. However, it is quite vacuous!!! 
Cable management
I agree with Theo, velcro is easy, neat and very reusable. McMaster-Carr carries rolls of every width and length at good prices (1/2" x 75' $15.50). Use foam pipe insulation to space cables away from each other, both power and signal...http://www....