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Sexiest Pop Song Ever?
Brenda Lee's Fever! 
Built a Flexi-type rack?
I just heard back from Jamestown Distributors, they have changed vendors for the brass all-thread rods and can no longer honor orders at the old pricing. The new price is now $75 per 3' rod! I re-ordered through McMaster at $45 per...Dang! 
Built a Flexi-type rack?
Hi John,I used 3/4-10 steel rods from McMaster Carr and the hex flange nuts for spacing. For a cleaner, top acorn nuts (the high dome hex version) work well. I never did find bolt-on feet to match, I ended up using maple blocks drilled to fit the ... 
At 91dB sensitivity, the Niles 25's ought to be a great match for the Red Wine Audio Signature 30's... 
Have you tried Red Wine?
Small world GMood :-) and I thank you for the sending the Red Wine Teac and SN's! What would we do without that lonely dog, eh? 
Kits - How to Get Started
Building a chip amp would be a very inexpensive way to gain some experience... http://www.chipamp.com/ is one source and Peter Daniels http://www.audiosector.com/ is another. 
Have you tried Red Wine?
OT, sorry...Excellent Gmood1!!! Do you have pics? I'd love to see your setup. I built a similar power supply for my UcD's, but at +/-48v. I cheaped out and used Burled Walnut veneer on mdf though :-))) 
I liked the idea and have been giving it a try. Of the 8 CD's that I've received, 6 have included at least the booklet, 2 had the back plate as well. I understand that upgrades are in the works that would allow "art included" only trades. Also, a ... 
DAC for Olive musica
The Olive units use a rca type dig. out connector so any dac can be used! The usb connections (2) are for adding outboard HD's... 
Exact Audio Copy compression settings
How timely!!! Thank you for the Flac set up link Coffee nudge! 
Olive Music Servers digital output performance
I recently purchased an Olive Symphony, which is identical to the Musica other than the HD size, and have been comparing it to a stock Denon 2900 using a moded P3a and a loaner Turbo moded ECD-1 on the dig. out's of both units. No question in my m... 
Olive Musica vs. Opus
The Musica and the Symphony are identical other than their HD size. Since both units have 2 USB ports and now allow your choice of outboard HD's (or PC) the Symphony seems the better deal to my thinking.The Opus has 24 bit dac chips and a redesign... 
Reel to Reel - CD transfer
I've no experience or association, but Virble Brown in Illinois does all types of transfers... 78's, 45's, reel to reel. 309-754-9333 
A "Unique" Voice...
Mark Sandman, Tom Rapp, John Cale, Brian Ferry, Johnny Cash... 
humor section...
Q: What did one Deadhead say to the other Deadhead when they ran out of smokes?A: What is that horrible noise???