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SME 20/12 with V 12 VS Sme 30/2
So, can the 20Mk2 be upgraded to 20Mk3? 
To SME or not to SME?
Linn owner: the SME is boring.SME owner: the Avid is boring.Avid owner: the Linn is boring.I've actually heard these owners make these comments. 
What is the best arm for a Linn Soundeck 12
roksan nima, a poor man's aro, is supposed to work well on an LP12. availibility in the US may be an issue, though. 
opinions on the Rega Limited Edition white belt
it makes pat boone sound much better. sorry, i couldn't help myself. 
Used LPs in San Francisco area
village music closed in 2007, at least it was scheduled to. i moved out of the area a month before it's planned closure. 
Exposure Super XV 15
fyi, i think the XV cost around $1500 new. they are still sought after in the used market, in case you don't like it.i've have a bunch of different exposure amps, including the XV (not the super version), and prefer them to anything i've hear at t... 
Dynavector coil repair
when i went to replace my xv-1s, my dealer said i could have it rebuilt or retipped (i can't remember which), but i believe the rebuild would've been done by someone other than dynavector. 
Rega Elys II cartridge: Is it worth the money??
hmmm. according to mikey in his review of the p3-24, if you opted for the exact you'd lose the discount. since you're a rega dealer, i'll assume you're right and mike is wrong. 
Rega Elys II cartridge: Is it worth the money??
fwiw, i think you get a discount if you by the P3-24 and Elys as a package, around $100 if I recall correctly. 
Dynavector Te Kaitora Rua
fwiw, the xv-1s works with the ARO, you just need to get the heavy counterweight from naim, if you don't already have it. 
Dynavector Te Kaitora Rua
i have no experience with the te kaitora, but i just replaced my worn out xv-1s with a new one. the new one sounds much better, and the old one sounded great. i've hear there have been a few unannounced changes to the xv-1s over the past few years. 
Lost on next upgrade from SME 20/2 + IV.Vi arm ...
if i were in you shoes, i'd upgrade the ps to SME's latest, and get a DV xv1-s. 
SME iV.Vi or SME V for SME 20 turntable?
fwiw, the damping mechanism came with 20/2a iv.vi i bought a few months ago. my dealer thought it was an option, but it came standard. my dealer, whose a long time sme user himself, recommended i get the cardas reference gold cable. it all sounds ...