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Full Range speakers for a living space
@ianellis  The WB's were much less expensive when I bought the Vectors, before there was a US distributor, just a couple dealers.I'd be interested in you experiences if you hear/get the Neats. 
Full Range speakers for a living space
I went from Reynaud offrandes to Neat Ultimatum MF7’s to Wilson Benesch Vectors.  So, I’d toss the Vectors into the mix.  I’ve used Exposure amps with both the Neats and WB’s.  I switched to the WB’s mainly due to house move with a smaller room wh... 
Phono stage hum - Rega Aria
With everything connected, try moving the phono cable around, ideally away from other interconnects and power cords. 
Audio reviews: too many analogies, never simple, but most of all, never clear.
Audio reviews chew more than they bite off.  Their taste in music is prosaic at best. 
When you’re not here who will inherit your system?
Audio Furniture has its own sound!
Illusions are real!(just having a little fun, so don't take it seriously) 
Modwright PS 9.0 or PS Audio Steller Phono Preamp?
The ph 9.0 is $2900, i believe.  It come with a 14 trial period, last I checked, so if you live in the hinterlands as I do, you can try it at home.  FWIW, I have the ps 150, and love it, but, of course, this doesn’t mean you will. 
New Music Direct catalog...
I’d prefer a picture of someone who was still young.  Phoebe Bridges, for example.  Audiophiles, for the most part, are disinterested in new (last 20 to 40 years) music. 
Got to visit Audio Alternatives
Any relation to Audio Alternative in Ft. Collins? 
Is Audiogon search working since 5/15/19?
it's starting to fell like a feature not a bug, i.e. search is behaving exactly how AG wants it to. 
Is Audiogon search working since 5/15/19?
Not working on OS X Mojave and Chrome.  Sorting is wrong, and matching is partial not exact. 
Richard Vandersteen at Audio Connection
@andy2 Vandersteen Model Seven Mk II, $62k/pr. 
Naim Repair
www.avoptions.com is the only one i'm aware of. 
Any experience with Esoteric K-05?
FYI, there's an Esoteric forum/room on audioaficionado with plenty of k-series discussion. 
Can Naim SBL Speakers work with NON Naim equipment
They should work with any amplification. Whether you like the results or not is another question.I used them with Exposure amps and an Exposure electronic x-over designed specifically for the SBL's. I thought the combo worked well in the right roo...