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What benefits to expect from tonearm upgrade
Thanks for sharing,Actually I just use $5,000 as an extreme example (I know there are arms cost much more :)) i meant with that price, users should expect audible benefits. I am just wondering what audible benefits best tonearms can give.Historica... 
TW Acustic Turntable Mat
Yamada-san is from Zanden Audiohttp://www.theaudiobeat.com/ces2012/ces2012_zanden.htmBut am sure it is much cheaper in Japan 
What are the purpose of "Tape" and "Rec" preamp ?
Thanks all for the perspectives.Just one last check, can I still use the volume control on my pre-amp if I use "Tape" and "Rec" as "Tape in" and "Tape out" for equalizer? 
What are the purpose of "Tape" and "Rec" preamp ?
Thanks alot for the advice, mine is a very old audionote m-7 line.Cheers :) 
Preamp or power amp has more impact to resolution?
Wow, seems that I need to change the whole of my system :)Seems that I have to use my charm to let dealers to show case, see and let my ear to decide.Thanks again 
Preamp or power amp has more impact to resolution?
Thanks for all inputs,To be honest my system has a bit of strange combination to some. I am using TW Acoustic Raven with Ortofon AS212 and Lyra Delos for analog front end while digital front end is Sony XA9000ES. My preamp is Audionote M7 and amp ... 
What makes a tuntable sounds warmer?
Hi all,Put it under the sun or playing it at noon indeed makes it warmer, physically not sonically, while scotch makes warm mentally hahaIn serious side, its TW Acoustic 0.5 which I think not under production anymore, not sure if they discontinued... 
What to upgrade from Totem Forrest?
Just did some googling and found one review at 6moons, Lavardin designer has created loudspeaker branded as Le Contoure.However, from the review sems that the combination of Lavardin and Le Contoure created a bit warm sound that might be the desir...