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Alta Audio Rhea
I'm a dealer for you have any specific questions about the Rhea's?As you can likely tell from the show reports they have been at, the Rheas are really quite good.   
An inexpensive amp/preamp/integrated for Zu bookshelf speakers
In answer to your post above, the Line Magnetic 211ia is $1750 and the 216ia is $1950...... as current retail prices for them in the US (are you outside the US?). 
Hey Bob,Did not realize that you had moved from Wilmington.  Hope things are going well for you in Montana. 
An inexpensive amp/preamp/integrated for Zu bookshelf speakers
No problem, just thought I would throw them out.  The 211 is at the same price as the Schitt you mentioned. (well I guess actually $50 more at $1750). 
An inexpensive amp/preamp/integrated for Zu bookshelf speakers
If you want to go the tube route, I would suggest taking a look at the Line Magnetic 211ia or 216ia. Both are fantastic sounding units, and in roughly the same price point as the Ragnarok.****Line Magnetic dealer disclaimer 
Amp for Joseph Audio Pulsars
What price point are you thinking about? 
Rogue Cronus Magnum (hum/noise)
The new V2 versions of both the Cronus and Sphinx are extremely quite. 
As an FYI to the posts above about using straps around the boxes, Fedex will generally deny taking ANY package with straps around the box (unless you are shipping Freight).  They consider the straps a safety hazard in case they break and hit an em... 
Integrated amps for Joseph Audio rm22si
Great choice on the 22's!  They are fantastic speakers.I'm a JA dealer, and with them you have a lot of flexibility in what you can use.  They sound really good with either solid state or tubes.Do you prefer to go new or used?  If new, I would loo... 
Just moved to an apartment need speaker suggestions
What's your price range, and are you looking for bookshelves or floorstanders? 
Neat Momentum SX5i or Rega RX5
While you are at Whetstone, take a listen to the DeVore Gibbon 88's.  They work extremely well with your 211ia, and are fantastic speakers.And FYI, the Rega RX5's are actually quite nice at their price point. 
HT help! Budget 10k
Do you have any local dealers you can visit?  Might be a good idea to go check out a few different options to see what you prefer. 
Amps which are Great, but either Unknown or Underpriced
The Line Magnetic stuff is incredible.....I would probably add Leben to this list as well.(And yes, I'm a dealer for both lines). 
Is there Really a difference between a Krell 400xi intergrated amp and the newer Vandgard?
No cast connections on the Vanguard.Also something of note, there are no pre-outs so if you want to run subs via rca, it's a no go. 
Tube Integrated Amp - Help Please
The VPI 299D is suggestion above is a great idea.  Really nice tubed integrated.....can run El34's or KT88's.