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Amplifiers:A Keeper for Life. Do you know of one ?
Yes! I love the Atma Sphere amps! Had them many years! Ralph is always up to something good! goldenears 
The amazing new Marigo Evolution Signature Mat
Thank you very much for all the info. I do believe all who have listened 2 both agree the Evolution is by far better than the last Sig V2 that I just purchased from jazzMaster3 on this site. I was under the impression I had the latest one but obvi... 
Is the Marigo 3d V2 the same as the Evolution Mat?
How about any thoughts on this latest Evolution vs the Sig V2? 
Is the Marigo 3d V2 the same as the Evolution Mat?
Thank you! That is what I thought!i will be contacting such seller and letting him know my feelings on this. 
The amazing new Marigo Evolution Signature Mat
I just received a marigo 3d Sigature v2 mat and it definitely improves my sound. I hear more inner detail and the soundstage is larger and wider etc. I am wondering is the one I have the newest one or is this (Evolution) newer than what i have. Ju... 
AT&T ST glass vs. AES/EBU connection
Thanks guys for your comments! I totally agree at this point that the Glass sounds better. 
"Old" vs. "new" digital equipment
Hey Guys,Thought i might chime in here since i am playing the digital game. I have had a few nice units over the years. Starting with a Theta Gen 3 modded and then lately went to Audio Horizons DAC 3.0 and then older Altis Ultima with sep. power s... 
Top ten tube preamps
Yes! The AH TP2.0nB that i have been using is wonderful. I didn't mess around with straight version. I wanted the best Joseph had to offer. So I got the full monty with Jensen Xformers, upgraded caps and tubes. I also have the DAC. They have a won...