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Amp ventilation question
Have a Marantz PM8004 integrated, lower level than the one you have your eye on. No worries, you will not need anywhere near 8".The laptop cooler mentioned earlier sounds like a great idea for tube based gear in tight spaces.. Might try that with ... 
manufactured refurbished
Sometimes refurbished gear may not have all the small accessories items or of even less concern the new packing materials or box. Coming with warranty beats buying used gear that only has seller feedback rating to go on. 
sotm sms 1000 vs wyred 4 sound ms 2 ?
Please post your impressions of the Wyed4Sound should you go that way. That and the Music Vault server, also made in the USA are on my short list. Good hunting. 
Emo dumps Carver, the Carver site is down.
Can't help but think Emotiva will take Carver's ideas and way of making his product only to have them made more inexpensively in China. 
Review: Music Vault Diamond Transport
Happy to have come across this review of the MV and the various comments. The MV is on my short list of dedicated music servers. 
The Audiophile and the Frog .. True Story
Funny. That's why I prefer the term audio enthusiast to audiophile. You get the gear and the girl. It is written, man shall not live by audio alone. 
looking for a place to buy blu-ray dvds 
Downsizing my system from tubes to an integrated
Some good suggestions thus far. Have the PM8004 sounds great and may give you the best bang for the buck. 
Why does Spectral have such a cult following
Well made, well engineered and appealing to the eye. Not run of the mill and not seem everywhere. That appeals to some. If it floats your boat you have something you feel is special which is part of the joy of owning gear.For myself I shy away fro... 
Oldest piece of gear you own
Wow, has it been this long. My Technics SL 1600 turntable. Purchased late 70's or early 80's. I may yet have the receipt along with the original box. All the important functions work well. It works well enough to the point of being hard pressed to... 
Affordable integrated amps with HT bypass?
Believe the Marantz PM8004 has HT bypass ability. For more funds the new line of McIntosh amps do have them. 
When did you start to love music and why?
Growing up hearing the many gospel choirs and singings groups and soloist in church. From the Hammond B3 organ to the brothers playing a wash board and spoons and mothers tambourines. Having school assemblies where the school orchestra would play.... 
Best Band of the Big Band Era ?
Great bands already named and all before my time. But to add to the list. Cab Calloway is a fun evening of music. 
Recommend: Integrated amp for headphones and phono
The Marantz PM8004 has both, should drive Grado headphones well, unsure of the Sennheiser. Well worth an look see. 
What speaker cable are Daber audio owners using
Primary cables are a multi strand 12 gauge. I have used Monster Cables and brand X. At times I switch to MIT terminator 3 speaker cables.I am a big believer in 12 gauge multi strand wire. The Monitor 3 sound good to my ears with the few I use, and...