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Modern integrated vs. vintage...what do I get?
My first vote would be McIntosh. Have the MA6600 and love it. The new line up should fit your needs very well all in all. The Marantz and Luxman line should be on your list. Happy hunting. 
Which Power Cord are you using with Parasound A21?
Have a Parasound 2125 amp. I use a Iceageaudio power cord. Price well below other cables using the same technology. 
Shirley Temple Black
Indeed an American icon and in some respects a trailblazer. 
Streaming, Apple TV, Tell me why not.
Shame on the guy who ripped you off. As for the streaming of music, whatever works. You may wish to have recorded music at the best quality, but your ears will let you know if it really makes a difference. The main thing is to enjoy the music.I us... 
First amp.
The Marantz PM 8004 or any in their line up you may be able to swing. 
Advice on monitor/bookshelves under $2,000
Daber Monitor 3 speakers. Have a pair myself love them. A fellow has them up for sale on Sometimes appear here as well. Great sound, well made. 
Help designing a home theater/listening room
All the best on your endeavor. For your budget in less you are a real do it yourself type guy, call in the pro.Gear wise the most important IMO outside of sound is ease of use. Brands like NAD and McIntosh have a great ease of use factor. If you a... 
Rough Trade NYC
Sounds like a really cool venture. Boy those big black shiny CD's just won't go away. 
Pulling the trigger on pricey equipment
Feedback rating and comments go along way. However patience and a tank of gas makes for the best feeling of confidence in a high priced private deal. From a dealer I would not be concerned. 
Best Speakers You Have Ever Heard In Your Home
Without a doubt the pair I have. Going to audio stores from time to time an auditioning others, some very much more than what I have, has made me appreciate my purchase all the more, especially for the price. Well back to more music. 
Apple Remote App
Good to know, thanks for the 411. 
Did you get your new Music Direct catalogue yet?
Their catalog are indeed top notch. I have often saved them just because they are so very nice and informative as well. By the by, great outfit to purchase from. 
Amp ventilation question
Jeff, by the by, I really really like my PM8004. I have a McIntosh MA 6600 and a tube integrated as well. It holds it own very well in the bunch. 
Interesting read here
Tis interesting and I feel quite true in many respects. Especially as it relates to the less tech savvy crowd. Which is why the hardware, ye old cd player will yet have a place in many a system. 
25 year warranty – thoughts invited
I applaud gear makers who would invest and put forth the confidence in their product with a longer warranty. Yes, the sound must be there of course. Products with a strong warranty I feel are probably made a little stronger too boot. Longer warran...