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Recommendation on speakers for listening to live music
Hi, I use Tekton Design Double Impact speakers. They really bring out the dynamics and excitement of a live performance. They have high sensitivity so no problem driving them with your amps. I drive mine with a 50w/ch monoblocs tube amp to an aver... 
A Beginner's Guide to Audiophile
Try this book. It's exactly what you're looking for.    
Your single most significant purchase mistake?
I read someware that the i2s connection between a streamer and a DAC has the best sound quality. I wanted to get the most out of my fancy DAC so I went a head and purchased this 5K streamer with an i2s output. Little did I know that streamers in g... 
Manufacturers past their heyday
I remember many years ago, I got into Steteo Exchange in NYC and listened to a pair of Mirage M7 bipolar speakers. They were great.  
What s the best Class A integrated tube amp over 80W
You may want to look at this amp. https://www.bobcarvercorp.com/crimson-raven-features-specsIt may just be the one.  
Warm romantic & detailed
I would check out the Encores from Tekton Design. It's an amazing flagship speaker and in your budget range. There are also some amazing reviews of it. http://v2.stereotimes.com/post/tekton-design-encore-loudspeaker/https://6moons.com/audioreview_... 
How much do you need to spend to get digital to rival analog?
Hey, I just got back from an audio show. There are some digital systems out there that play in a magical way. But, way expensive. Case in point, the mbl room.  They showed off their all digital flagship system. I never heared a system play music l... 
Lyngdorf TDAI 3400 Bluetooth Question
cal3713,Did you manage to find the amp in the bluetooth list? I wrote Lyngdorf as well but didn't get their reply as of yet. I wonder, why you don't use it anymore? Gilaad 
Lyngdorf TDAI 3400 Bluetooth Question
blindjim, Thanks for your reply. The dificulty I have is that I don't see the TDAI 3400 on my phones list of bluetooth devices. There is no pairing button on thecamp and it only mentioned in the manual, in the specs section. No where els... Gilaad 
Who has Luv for the Lyngdorf 2170 and is thinking about the 3400.
Thank you for replying to my question. Since at the moment I leave in Israel, I actually made the purchase decision of this amp and a pair of upgraded Tekton DI's (Still waiting on Tekton to let me know when they will be ready for shipment), based... 
Who has Luv for the Lyngdorf 2170 and is thinking about the 3400.
Hi guys, just got my 3400 and I'm wondering, it being all digital, should I use the supplied power cord or is it worth investing in a different one? What are your thoughts?