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Totem's with mid-power amplification?
I'll second the vote for the Hawks. I've used mine with 100wpc amps (both tube and transistor) since 2004 with great satisfaction. A truly great speaker, especially for the money. The Forests sound bigger, but not necessarily better as you lose so... 
Upgrading to Totem Mani 2's
Unfortunately, I sold the tube amp last week. My wife was getting on my case about having it sit in the living room unused for the past month, and I knew it was going to be at least a few weeks before the Mani-2's were broken in, so I chose the mo... 
Headphone Recommendations
AKG K701's aren't that much more ($50) but are worth every penny. There are a number of reasons that this headphone is becoming the new cost-no-object reference for many people. 
Upgrading to Totem Mani 2's
After thinking about all the systems I've heard now that I've thrown out a superlative, the only other system in my memory that is in this league is ATC Active 100's (which are massive beasts with zero WAF) with a Linn cdp and Dynavector pre. The ... 
Upgrading to Totem Mani 2's
Got the Mani-2's today. They're everything I loved about the Hawks (clear, fast, tight, lifelike) but even more so. The bass isn't amazing, but (1) I have them on some wimpy Target stands as Totem is backordered on the T4L stands and (2) I haven't... 
best speakers for Ayre amps ?
Totem uses Ayre amps (and a few others) to voice their speakers and demonstrate at shows. 
Need to match a receiver to Spendor S5e
I've never heard biamping work well with this class of equipment. Sure it sounds different, and arguably better, but for the extra price and hassle it's better to just buy a better (single) amp in the first place, or use the extra money to upgrade... 
Totem Arros - Set up
When running my Lightning sub in two-channel mode with the Hawks I simply used the external output (not tape loop, mind you) on my Exposure 3010 integrated, then later my Audio Research preamp had dual outs. I have never felt the need to use the s... 
Totem Arros - Set up
I have a Totem Lightning that was an excellent match to my Totem Hawks, and it can do everything you want it to. It's now paired with a Rainmaker system in my Home Theater and is also wonderful there. Full, deep, tight, and very musical (i.e. not ... 
Upgrading to Totem Mani 2's
My Mani-2 Sigs arrive this week, and I'm planning on driving them with a pair of Bel Canto ref1000 amps. They should be putting out 1000W at 4ohms, and are stable enough to handle the M2S load at all frequencies.My Hawks sound AMAZING with the ref... 
Totem Arros - Set up
The only thing I'd add is to skip the power enhancements and put the money into better speaker cables. Totem's own speaker cable is excellent, priced nicely, and very compatible with their speakers. 
Which better in Class D PS Audio or Bel Canto????
I haven't heard the others, but just bought some Bel Canto ref1000's and I love them. My ARC VS110 still sounds "warmer" and "fuller" but the presence and extension in the ref1000's is more my cup of tea. Being able to drive any speaker imaginable... 
Tube Amp for Totem Hawks
I find the 8 ohm tap smoother than the 4 ohm tap on my VS110. To each there own, so make sure you try both for yourself! 
Tube Amp for Totem Hawks
It's a small stretch from your budget, but I've been very happy for the past few years with an Audio Research VS110 amp driving my Hawks. 
Looking for exceptional monitors for $2000 max
Spendor and Harbeth should definitely be on your shortlist. These companies have been leading the pack of BBC-class monitors for several decades now.