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Whats on your turntable tonight?
Supertramp: Breakfast in America. Awesome! 
What are you streaming tonight?
Pink Floyd Dark Side of the Moon... off the NAS 
Advantages of owning equipment from major audio brands vs. boutique shops?
Stepping into the audio world is a long and winding road. If you can, go listen. If you get a chance go to a trade show. I’m lucky and get to attend one of the largest in the country as Denver is very close to me. Or, just go to a smaller show. Bu... 
i'm looking for something that may not exist
Mescaline is good... you’ll hear whatever you want! 
How good can it get, really? - my stereo sounds amazing!
Um, if it ain’t broke... don’t fix it? At some point contentment has to settle in. “Looking” for things to improve when things are just find is a rabbit hole at best, and can be an expensive rabbit hole that may not achieve anything at all. As sai... 
Recommendation for an audiophile speaker cord that is not "bright"?
Wilson’s generally like Transparent. As mentioned, it is what is used internally. I’m not sure how much it matters which ones particularly. Might be worth a call to either company. Power is definitely a consideration, I’ve kicked up my power lines... 
Speaker return or sell As New
Definitely return them if you are within the period. Easier, plus that is why companies offer these types of returns. Downside is, you eat shipping. Price to pay for online auditioning... kenjit... wow.  
Wilson Audio for a 1600 sq ft space
There  are a few in this one that would be crazy decor-wise. Sure conversation pieces without doubt. 
Speaker cable recommendation
If you want to try out Blue Jeans contact me. I have a set of the Belden 10g 5000 series cables that are basically new.... Great cable for the $$$. I've changed my system and the run lengths no longer worked. 
My stereo receiver is a little too bright. Can a cable help me out?
Third on capping your line. Not a good plan. One problem you are running into, like others have said, is running modern equipment through very old tech. If you were simply running a turntable and wanted the old school thing, you would be golden. B... 
Wilson Audio for a 1600 sq ft space
Some things to consider with the Wilson’s. Placement. A Grand Slamm, properly placed, is going to be away from walls a significant distance and will absolutely be the center piece of the room. Difficult to pull off a speaker of this size (even tho... 
Marantz Receiver Bad HDMI
HDMI sucks. Good concept, poor execution. The boards on Marantz and Denon do not like “hot swaps” at all. Full power off, and unplugged at BOTH ends. My Denon died replacing the ARC cable and my service guy told me to be sure both (all) HDMI swaps... 
Qobuz Hi-Res via Iphone/Ipad cable?
Yeah, looks like 44.1 is about as good as it will get. But I did notice it also depends on WiFi or cellular. Airplay actually will play full high res files. I am playing with Roon now and trying to decide how I want to set up the Core, on my NAS, ... 
Affordable cables
Back to the original question...There are many companies that have an entry level tier all the way through “reference”. If you have a good local hifi shop, see if you can audition/demo some cabling. Audio Advisor has a 30 day return on pretty much... 
Another Analog v. Digital Thread? Not Really
If one were to put together similar systems, both digital and analog I think they would be “different” but not necessarily better/worse. SO much relies on source... stream, cd, album, whatever and the process which they were recorded and mastered,...