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FR66s vs Ikeda IT-407 CR tonearms
Another legend passes. RIP! 
ClubWOOD or Shun Mook?
You can go with the Super..it will handle the weight. If budget permits, ultra and giant would be better. Talk to Bill, he is very approachable and helpful 
Shun Mook Record Weight
Chrialex, the Shun Mook clamp will definitely work with the Project table you have. It’s not overly heavy. All Shun Mook pieces came laser etched with the logo on it so there wont be much trouble to have them authenticated. And yes the price of th... 
In analog playback, there are just too many variables that can affect the sound. Measurements while good doesn’t mean for something to sound good. Very rarely does good measurements correlates to good sound. Larryi said it best. Digital measures p... 
Tone arm ghost
What turntable is it? See if there is a way to ground the bearing. It will reduce static.  
Technics EPA-100 MK2 wiring
Honestly I wouldn't mess with the internal writing and upgrading the rca sockets. Al lyou need is to build a ground wire that fits the dole and use your favourite rca cable with the arm. As mentioned you just just need to remove the a male rca cen... 
Technics EPA-100 MK2 wiring
Chakster, the size of the grounding pin for these technics tonearms is the same as the male pin in an RCA jack. What I do is to remove the make pin on any rca jack and solder a wire on it and there's the grounding wire.  
Turntable getting back to vinyl
I would recommend a Technics SL1700mk2 or the SL1800mk2. Both excellent sounding turntables. Basically the home version of the technics SL1200mk2.  
What's been your turntable ownership over the years?
@rob67i have not found it to be light on the bass. Bass is tight and quick. Not so much fat. No shortage of real bass. Im using a Graham Elite and a dynavector XV1t on it for now. Waiting for other armboards to mount my other arms on it.  
What's been your turntable ownership over the years?
@rob67the Techdas AF3 has been a remarkable turntable. Very dynamic and quiet. Currently I have a Graham Elite 10" on it. I have other tonearms and cartridges waiting to be installed there. The Graham has been a good match so far.  
SP-10 Mat
Downunder, the TTM is not pigskin. It is thick stainless steel. I think you have it mixed up with some other mat. Very heavy and comes with its companion oil filled clamp. The mat itself can be tuned via the 3 Allen bolts. I believe it is called T... 
SP-10 Mat
Another mat you might want to try is the TTM mat and oil filled clamp. That is better than the CU180. More refined sounding. The cu180 by itself is probably the second best thing to the TTM. I have not had the opportunity to try the cu500.  
What's been your turntable ownership over the years?
Main system1980-1990 Ariston RD401993-2002 Oracle Delphi mk32002-present Nakamichi TX-1000 (highly tweaked up)2017- present Techdas Air Force 32nd System from 2002- presentSota SapphireVPI HW mk3VPI HW mk4Oracle Delphi mk5Denon DP75Technics SP10mk... 
Curved and Straight Tonearms
For the record, I wasn't once on "that" post talking about the FR tonearms or the 231.5 PS point or the alignment on my system. Only talking about the Stevenson alignment in general that it made sense for what it was designed to do.  
Curved and Straight Tonearms
Nandric, if you read my comments near the end I mentioned that I'm not for any type of alignment. I urge users to experiment themselves and not just look at numbers. My post was not that Stevenson was the only way to go but that Stevenson method d...