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Plinius 9200 Driving Magnepan 3.6Rs
I have a Plinius 9200 also and I was thinking of getting the Magnepans 1.6.I wanted to know if you had any problems driving the 1.6 .I would like to also know what was the sound quality. 
Best airy and smooth Power cord for trans & dac
Big what did you not like about the Elrods on your cdp and what made you like Foundation R. L-1 better. 
What is the best DAC to buy used in the $500 range
I can tell from having the Birdland Audio Lite dac from the time it came out til now that this dac is great.If you want a smooth sounding dac with lots of detail this is it.Do your self a favor and read the reviews. 
Former Plinius 9200 owners.......
I just got my plinius 9200 and I think it rocks.I had the 8150 that everyone loved and I have to say it was great but the 9200 blows it away.I have problem understanding why there is no talk about this great piece,I guess it's every ones lost