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Luxman Audio Gear - what is happening with them here in USA
"One swallow does not a summer....I'm sure Magnolia will have them next."                                                                                                                                                                              ... 
What song turns back the clock?
Frampton Comes Alive  
Has Anyone Auditioned an LKS MH-DA004 DAC?
From Ric Schultz on the WBF: My friend in Pocoima has a modified Yggdrasil and recently received the LKS MH-DA004 DAC ($1600 delivered from China). The completely stock stone cold out of the box LKS DAC was better in almost every way. Now he has ... 
Tape-in and Tape-out ports
I have a question that I'm told pertains to tape in and tape ports: I was advised that I should try to use tone controls in my system and see if I like the results. I have an Adcom pre and was told it could be inserted into my system, and "play" a... 
NAT Symmetrical + Merrill Veritas
mbump,Curious if you were ever able to audition this preamp, and if so, what you thought?Gary 
Looking for a solid state preamp for Krell fpb 250m monoblocks
Michael,Which preamp did you decide to go with your Krell 250M monoblocs and how does it sound?Gary 
What are you using to rip your cds to a hard drive?
Exact Audio Copy - free 
Jeff Rowland to what?
Guido,You beat me to it - I was going to suggest the same thing. Here is an extensive review of the Corus/PSU by Christiaan Punter of, a huge aficionado of all things Jeff Rowland. 
Losing Touch
Asvjerry, great recommendation. Any other EDM favorites?  
They Almost Never Quote A Price , Why?
Another way to go is to look at professional reviews of the gear online. Many times, the MSRP is listed there. I know because I have been frustrated by the same issue as the OP. Yes, those reviews can be dated but you get a sense of what today's p... 
Which songs or musical standards have haunted you?
Wreck on the Highway - Bruce Springsteen Don't Toss Us Away - Maria McKee/Lone Justice 
Choosing a Network Player/DAC
Tom,I'm very interested to hear your impressions of the Soekris DAC.Gary 
Mark Levinson 326s vs BAT Rex Series 1 preamps
Does anyone have any thoughts how either of these preamps mate with the Krell FPB series of amps? (I own the FPB-250M monos.) 
How would a Ayre KX-5 Twenty stack up against a Mark Levinson No 326s?
Anyone have any thoughts on this? 
Looking for a solid state preamp for Krell fpb 250m monoblocks
Michael,Do you have the FPB 250M monos or 300 Stereo amp? I couldn't tell because there's conflicting statements in your opening question. I own the FPB 250M monos and am interested in hearing which tube preamp you decide on. Gary