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Amplification for Wilson Audio Sasha on the cheap
I have the Krell FPB-250M monoblocs and have been told the Vincent SA-T7 preamp matches very well with it.  
Comparing to SS preamps
Just saw the Absolute Sounds 50 Greatest Bargins in Audio
Here's the link: 
Looking for Better Jitter Reduction in a DAC
Steve,Aside from Chord and Resonnessence, I'm curious who else in your opinion makes well implemented DACs - 
Looking for Better Jitter Reduction in a DAC
Thanks for the detailed response back, Chris. Glad to hear it's been a worthy addition -Gary 
Denafrips Terminator R2R Multibit, ultimate pcm redbook converter??
Recent review from Srajan over at 6Moons: discrete R2R: "R2R DACs aren't novel technology but the very first D/A conversion approach. Strictly speaking, using discrete R2R is no technological i... 
Looking for a Cheap DAC?
Wait for the new iFi Micro iDSD with MQA capabilities - 
Warm, lush and dark ... Dac up to 1.2K
Kclose,My brother owns the older version of Gary's BP DAC which I happen to have on loan here at the house.Have you had a chance to audition both the older and SE editions side by side? (probably not but thought I'd ask).Gary 
Looking for Better Jitter Reduction in a DAC
Thanks, Chris, I'm with you in terms of what I'm looking for in the way of hearing that emotion from the music. I auditioned both the HS and TS versions of Tommy's DAC on my VAC Musicblocks/ME preamplifier/Quad 57s and didn't notice much differenc... 
Looking for Better Jitter Reduction in a DAC
Dave,My mistake. My email should have been directed to Chris (rodge827). Chris, I'm interested in your thoughts on Tommy's (owner of Digital Amplification Company) DAC - called the DAC DAC, of course. And the Uptone gear that you have with it -Gary 
Looking for Better Jitter Reduction in a DAC
@dlcockrum/Dave,I see you own Tommy's DAC. I'm curious why you decided on the DAC DAC and what other DACs you've had in your system prior to deciding on it. I own the HS version and really like it but haven't had a chance to voice many other DACs.... 
Warm, lush and dark ... Dac up to 1.2K
Do any of these DACs do MQA? I'd like the same qualities with a MQA-ready DAC.GaryP.S. Thanks, lowrider57, for the reference. 
Warm, lush and dark ... Dac up to 1.2K
Lowrider57, where is the PS Audio NuWave DSD available at that lower price? 
Rowland versus ARC
Ricred1,Did you every audition the JRDG Power Storage Unit that is supposed to take the Corus / Aeris gear to another level altogether in terms of sound quality? See this review by Christiaan Punter: 
Audible Illusions Modulus PreAmp>Best Amplifier Match Ever!
Stereo5,From Dick Olsher's 2016 review of the AI L3A: Then, in the mid-1980s, Art discovered the Russian 6H23n-EB, really a premium version of the 6922. Not only is it a good-sounding triode, but it also happens to be rugged, exceptionally linear,...