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Class D = Trash?
Watch blanket statements. I have listened to about a half dozen Class D using the two most common modules and they ranged from poor to not half bad, but not something for the long haul. I settled on Nuforce/Nuprime which uses a very different styl... 
Best $500 System?
The DVD player I have has HDMI and then component out. I like Nuforce, have their reference 20 mono amps myself in the big rig 
Best $500 System?
I think she likes active listening as well as dancing around to tunes 
Best $500 System?
Yes I have an Oppo 105 and understand. I found an old Blue Ray Player that I am not using (replaced it with the Oppo) hooked it up to my computer speakers which have a volume control, control both left right - and it plays fine except that the spe... 
Best $500 System?
Thank you all for you good ideas - I know that the budget is very low, but feel we can do better than a boom box. I checked out the Classik and it looks like a good option if I can find used and a very generous offer on the speakers, polk432 - tha... 
Old Amp vs. New Amp
Even 4 year old amps have often become very much a good value - why go back 20 years? And Class D's such as Nuprime are ready for prime time 
Is It Safe to Warm Up Power Amps Without Speakers Attached
Some class D amps will go into oscillation without load 
High End Amp Price Collapse musings
Unless you have personally heard the newest Nuforce/Nuprime amps, such as Reference 20 mono amps which come at Class D in a different, proprietary way not using the modules that others use, you have not heard what Class D type amps can currently o... 
Your choice of the most "inert" cabinets ?
Von Schweikert cabinets in their new lines are so silent and non-reactive you can see the precision of drum strikes with no blurring on an occiliscope 
To Pre or not to Pre? Here is my take
I use an Ayon CD5s which in additon to transport and DAC has a great built in pre with analogue volume control - This works better than adding a different pre 
Dumb question #643: should speaker cables last a lifetime?
I had a set of cables with a clear covering and over 15 years all the copper inside the cable also oxidized, turning green, not just the ends. So I assume that even good quality cable might slowly deteriorate over that period of time 
Look unto Nuprime for amp, DAC and preamp combo 
Great integrated amps with narrow depth under 12 inches?
The Nuprime stuff is excellent and in fact because of design has plenty of power. It will bring things alive in a natural way and will have excellent base control. I think they have a 30 day audition. I have the Reference 20's now and had the Refe... 
Newbie looking for amplifier advice
Look at Marigo audio dots for the large window - they work wonders with the glass. Consider free audition of the Nuprime line of integrateds with DAC 
Is it worth upgrading my power conditioner to Shunyata?
Some of it depends on whether your power is very clean or dirty.